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ch. 3 Biological Foundations of Behavior

Your secretary at work is typing on her computer, talking on the phone, and handing you some important papers. She is performing a role similar to which aspect of brain functioning?
The conductor of a symphony, whose job it is to get all of the different musicians to come together, is performing a role similar to which aspect of brain functioning?
somatic nervous system
Your brain has instructed your muscles to move so that you avoid an oncoming bicyclist. Which division of the nervous system carried this information to your muscles?
Which part of the peripheral nervous system would be particularly important to a backpacker being chased by a bear?
After finishing a psychology test, you try to relax by engaging in some meditation techniques. Doing these exercises should increase the response of the ________ nervous system and result in slower heart and respiration rates, and less muscular tension.
NOT: somatic
At a job interview, you broke out into a cold sweat and felt your heart pounding. These symptoms were most likely produced by your ________ nervous system.
If a doctor told you that insufficient nutrients were being transported from your blood vessels to your neurons, you might suspect from that the problem was in your ________ cells.
The cell body contains the ________ which directs the manufacture of substances that a neuron needs for growth and maintenance.
myelin sheath.
The neurobiologist explained to the students, "The neural system is very much like the wires connecting your T.V. and stereo to the electrical outlet. If the wires were not covered with insulation, the signal would short circuit." The neurobiologist was describing the function of the
a negative charge on the inside of the cell membrane and a positive charge on the outside
When a neuron is at its resting state, what is the status of the charges on each side of the cell membrane?
it allows some substances to pass through the membrane.
The outer membrane of a neuron is semipermeable. This means that
The cell membrane of the neuron permits some substances to pass through it but not others. This is because the membrane is
Melinda suffers from migraine headaches. Which neurotransmitter may be overactive in her system?
an electroencephalogram.
Electrical activity in the brain can be captured by placing multiple electrodes on the scalp and then measuring the underlying electrical activity. This method of studying the brain's activity is referred to as
A researcher places closely spaced electrodes on her participants' heads in order to study brain activity. She is using the ________ technique.
Which subpart of the brain is located at the rear base of the skull?
start to have tremors.
Emma just received word that her grandfather's stroke did damage to his substantia nigra. She should expect that he will
reticular formation
When you walk to class, you do not have to think consciously about how to walk. When you get there, you pay attention to the lecture even though it is boring and you are tired. The structure that plays an important role in these activities by manipulation of various neurotransmitters is the
stereotyped patterns such as walking, sleeping, or turning to attend to a sudden noise.
The reticular formation is primarily involved in
Old fashioned telephone systems used to rely on operators to take incoming calls and connect them to the appropriate persons they were intended for. Which structure of the brain performs a similar function?
One of the pleasure centers of the brain is found in the
NOT: can only recognize human faces
In a study of the function of the fusiform face area, the recognition of "greebles," or face like objects, demonstrated that the fusiform face area
motor cortex.
The area of the cerebral cortex which controls voluntary muscle movement is the
The ________ gland regulates all the other glands.
Which of the following neurotransmitters is secreted by the adrenal glands?