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Peasant's revolt
Incident that occurred when radical peasants rebelled
Augsburg Confession
Lutheran statement of faith
Peace of Augsburg
Compromised agreement between CharlesV and Lutherans
Attempted to produce certain changes in the church
Torture program to get heresy confessions
Index of Prohibited Books
Included Protestant writings and vernacular Bibles
Ignatius Loyola
Began society of Jesus
Council of Trent
Rome made strongest stand against Protestants here
Charles V
Elected holy roman emperor in 1519
Philip II
Gained control of Portugal; son of Charles V
King John III
Introduced inquisition to Portugal
Luiz de Camoes
Wrote Os Lusiadas
Low lands
Damlike barriers of earth and stone
Duke of alva
Led Philip's Spanish troops
Council of blood
Alva's ruling council
William the Silent
Father of Dutch liberties
Dutch reformed church
Dutch Protestant church
United provinces of the netherlands
Seven northern provinces joined to make...