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Emerald Arch
What apartment complex did 3/5 of the people who died die?
Mrs. Morrigan
What was the banshee's name?
What was the last name of the scottish nurse that punched Jackaby?
What was the name of the small old lady with the shawl of invisibility?
R. F. Jackaby
What's the full name of the detective with the awful knit cap?
Abigail Rook
What's the name of the woman who assists Jackaby?
Commissioner Swift
Who was the murderer in the end?
What kind of shoes did the murderer have to be wearing?
Burn his blood-soaked hat
What did Jackaby have to do to kill the murderer?
True or False? Was there a troll under the bridge where Hatun was fishing?
A dog-like creature called a Caini. Caini are fiercely loyal, but rarely stay in one place for a long time.
What was Detective Cane?
What was the ghost's name?
The name of the duck?
The woods
Where did Abigail confront the murderer?
With lead bullets
How did Jackaby stop the killer?
R.F Jackaby & Abigail Rook
Who are the two main characters?
New Fiddleham, New England
What is the country/setting the story takes place in?
Paranormal, magic, and mythical beings
What does Jackaby specialize in?
Jenny the ghost
Who or what is the thing that pushed Abigail out of the third floor room?
He is a Caini.
What is Charlie really?
A redcap -a type of horrible goblin
What mythical creature is Detective Swift?
Yes, even when he offered her to stay at his home to do another job and be a "Detective" as she would call herself.
Does Abigail continue to work for Jackaby after they solved the case?
The Lady Charlotte
What ship did Abigail boarded from when she arrived to the bar?
The frog
What is the one thing that the poster looking for an assistant from Jackaby stated not to look at?
The red cap and the metal shoes.
What gave away that Swift was the murder?
She originally was from the upper class, but she chose to run away from her mother and father to find adventure, and now she is working-class.
What is Abigail's social class?
A duck
What was Douglas turned into?
Hampshire, England
Where was Abigail rook from?
In an American tavern.
Where did Abigail first meet Jackaby?
chapter 13
What chapter in the book was 'omitted' by Abigail's employer?
In which year was the story set?
Arthur Bragg, Mr. Henderson, and Mrs. Morrigan
Who were the first three victims in New Fiddleham?
A middle 'C' tuning fork
What did Jackaby give to Mr. Henderson?
Church bells
What were the three tuning forks made from?
The first (lowest pitch) was used for sad occasions like funerals, the second (middle C / middle pitch) was used for comfort or to calm someone down, the third (highest pitch) was used for happiness.
What were the three tuning forks used for?
A banshee
What was Mrs. Morrigan?
Who was Mrs. Morrigan's longest and last lamentable song for?
She warned the victims of their death
Why was Mrs. Morrigan killed?
He's an anthropologist and a paleontologist
What was Abigail's father's occupation?
Cloves and cinnamon
What did Abigail say Jackaby smelled like when they first met?
926 Augur Lane
What is Jackaby's address?
Arthur Bragg
What was the first victim's name?
Mona O' Connor
Who was the woman that punched Jackaby in the face?
Supernatural potency
How does Jackaby organize his books?
Because she was singing her own song of lament
Why did everyone hear the banshee?
Who warned Abigail about following Jackaby?
On Hatun's finishing pole
Where Did Abigail find lead?
Slows him down
What does lead do to the beast?
A Robin redcap; the murderer.
What was Commissioner Swift really?
What is Charlie's new name?
A leather notebook with her initals
What did Jackaby give Abigail?
His tuning fork
What did the police station forget to return to Jackaby?
Box piano
What instrument did AR try to play at the beginning of the book?
What job did AR leave college for? (specifically what is on the poster)
Carpathian Mountains
Where did AR's job in Dinosaurs take her?
SSISTANT WANTE (must be literate and possess a keen intellect and open mind). Strong stomach preferred.
926 Augur Lane. Do not stare at the frog?
What did the board advertising for Jackaby say?
What smell does the frog emit?
It's red with a horseshoe knocker
What does J's door look like?
He became waterfowl. (We find out later he becomes duck named Douglas)
What happened to Jackaby's last assistant?
She had a Domovyk (Ukranian house spirit, fairy) on her hat.
She also had a Klabauterman (German kobold) on her coat. Kobold's are attracted to minerals, hers was gray coated from iron
How did Jackaby know where Abigail Rook had been?
Mayor Spade
Who gave Jackaby the property on Augur Lane as a gift?
He wanted Jackaby to exorcise it, he refused to because the ghost wasn't hostile, so Mayor Spade gave him the house
Why did Mayor Spade give Jackaby the property on Augur Lane?
What is the Chief Inspector's name?
Who is the first cop AR meets? He is later killed by Commissioner Swift.
Dark and bleeding outward like a drop of ink in water, spreading out and fading in curls and wisps
What does Jackaby describe death as?
Charlie Cane
What cop did they meet outside room 301?
Reporter/writer for the Chronicle. He was helping publicize for Commissioner Swift
What profession did Arthur Bragg have?
Red Pajamas
What was William Henderson wearing when he died?
A tuning fork
What did Jackaby give William Henderson to lessen the screams of the banshee that indicated Henderson would die soon?
What is the mourning death sound a banshee makes known as?
A little notebook
What does AR think all detectives should have?
Bananas and burnt hair
What did the laboratory smell like?
Metal shoes (specifically iron) because of the footprints he can see.
What kind of shoes does the killer wear and how does Jackaby know?
A 'seer'
What does Jackaby consider his profession to be?
What is the troll named?
To fish every week
What did Hatun promise Hammett (troll)?
He rides an orange tabby cat
How does Hammett get around?
3rd floor, pond
Where does Douglas the duck reside?
Tends to the Archives
What does Douglas the duck do for Jackaby now?
Happy Birthday, Allan
What did the cake in the jail say on it?
A shawl
What clothing item keeps Hatun hidden from all people? (except homeless people)
Squeaky knee brace
How does Commissioner Swift cover the sounds of his metal shoes?
From a fishhook
How did Abigail Rook get some lead when they were hunting the killer creature?
Under right clavicle above lung
Where was Charlie stabbed?
Saint George- "The Golden Legend" dragon and sacrifices

Manu and the Fish- Hindu, kept fish in jar and let it grow big, released it, fish warned him of flood and saved him

Saint George shows why creatures are dangerous
Manu shows importance of symbiosis with creatures
What two paintings are in J's house?
"Lady Justice" the law, he took an oath
Who was Charlie devoted to?
Outside a small church adjacent to Rosemary's green
Where was the memorial for the 5 deaths in New Fiddleham?
A sick cat. Mrs. Wiggles. Getting smaller and basically turning into an amphibian/lizard/fish
What case does Jackaby take after the murders?
A black leather notebook with her initials on the back. Also has a black bird in flight on it (which, get this, is known as a Rook). And a magnifying glass.
What gift did J give AR at the end of the novel?
William Ritter
Who is the author of this book?
He told a woman that she was simply a woman, she wasnt special, and she didn't have any use at this time
What did Jackaby do that he was punched in the face for? pg 54-55
He was his personal reporter and he was killed before any of his publicity got out
Why was Commissioner Swift so outraged at Arthur Bragg's death? pg 85-86
The Seer
What does Jackaby refer to himself as? pg 99
Charlie turns into a hairy beast and runs off
What happens that startles the crowd of police officers? pg 232-234
O'Doyle, Commissioner Swift
Who was the police officer that was killed and who was he killed by? pg 240
He gets a new name and has to move to another city
What happens to Charlie? pg 275-276
Jackaby's old assistant- he was turned into a waterfowl and then when Jackaby tried to turn him back, he didn't want to, so he now lives in Jackaby's house. (page 132)
Who is Douglas?
Mr. Henderson (page 170-171)
Who was murdered that caused Jackaby and Abigail to be locked in jail?
She isn't used to being treated like an adult (page 5)
Despite having been by herself for quite awhile, why is Abigail uncomfortable with the pint of ale?
An archaeological dig for dinosaurs (page 12)
What was Abigail's only previous job?
She got an insatiable thirst for discovery (page 12)
How did her father's job affect Abigail?
He said it was no place for a young lady, and that she should finish school and then find a husband with a reliable job. (Page 12)
How did her father react when Abigail wanted to come along with him on the biggest dig of his career?
The third floor (pg 71)
In the book, Jackaby, where is the pond in Jackaby's offices?
He needs the entire police force to assemble at the town square. (pg 215)
In the book, Jackaby, what does Jackaby need from the police force to help him catch the murderer?
Lead (pg 219)
In the book, Jackaby, what does Jackaby look for in his offices and around town to help him stop the murderer?
Swift's iron shoes (pg 287)
In the book, Jackaby, what does Jackaby leave on top of Commissioner Swift's coffin?
The mailboxes (51)
In the book Jackaby, what did Abigail notice in the lobby of the apartments?
An alligator skeleton (80)
In the book Jackaby, when Abigail went into the laboratory, what seemed to jump out at her?
Jackaby sent him to check on a lead and told him to duck, becoming a final mark in a curse (133)
In the book Jackaby, how did Douglas become a duck?
Happy Birthday, Allan (175)
In the book Jackaby, What was written on the walls in Abigail's cell?
She recognized the sulfuric stench (180)
In the book Jackaby, why did Abigail think the officers that went though Jackaby's home looked at the frog?
She faked a faint and the officer let her in to sit down for a spell. (page 31)
How does Abigail get into the police crime scene?
He hired her because she notices ordinary things, things that are important but that no one notices. (page 69)
Why did Jackaby hire Abigail?
Commissioner Swift (page 75)
Who is the most important police person?
Hatun, who is slightly crazy sometimes (page 102)
Who is the only other person who can see the supernatural world, on some level?
Chapter 13 was omitted on Jackaby's request (page 113)
What was Chapter 13 about?
Because Jackaby is a terrible cook- he mixed up paprika and gunpowder (150, 157-158)
Why did Jackaby and Abigail eat fruit for breakfast instead of eggs?
O'Doyle, a policeman (page 240)
Who was killed in the forest?
He sends a letter of recommendation for Charlie to Gadston, a small town, where Charlie can change his name and then start to live again. (page 276)
What does Inspector Marlowe do for Charlie?
They blame everything on Charlie and say that Swift was a hero. (page 277)
How do the police cover up the nature of Swift's death?
One suitcase (page 1)
How much luggage did Abigail need to carry around all of her belongings?
His eyes- wide and intensely inquisitive ... And the fact that he stood very very close to her (page 5)
What startled Abigail the most about the stranger at the bar?
He says that he did not and that it would be an impolite invasion of privacy. (Page 7)
How did Jackaby respond when Abigail assumes that he looked at her luggage labels to learn where she was from?
Lint (page 7)
What does Jackaby pick off of Abigail's coat, taste, and then put in his overflowing jacket pockets?
Writing to her parents for help (page 10)
What does Abigail consider worse than living beneath a bridge and eating from trashcans?
She loved it- she begged her father to go to university (page 12)
How was Abigail in school?
She got an insatiable thirst for discovery (page 12)
How did her father's job affect Abigail?
He said it was no place for a young lady, and that she should finish school and then find a husband with a reliable job. (Page 12)
How did her father react when Abigail wanted to come along with him on the biggest dig of his career?
She was afraid they wouldn't take a girl, so she wore boy's clothes, but it was still obvious she was a girl (page 13)
What was Abigail afraid of about the dig and how did she attempt to fix this?
Unexciting- they didn't find anything, it was uncomfortable and barely funded, and she was soon left alone on the east European border (page 13)
What was the dig like?
She was trying to get passage back to England when she realized it was to America and she was much less scared to head there than home. (Page 13/14)
Why did Abigail end up heading for America?