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flashcards for test 4 of intro to atc

Aeronautical information is disseminated via which two subsystems?


Who is responsible for originating a NOT AM concerning a navigational aid?

Facility responsible for monitoring or controlling the navigational aid

Classification and dissemination of NOTAMs are the responsibilities of _________.

Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSSs)

A NOTAM that consists of information that is regulatory in nature pertaining to flight, such as changes to IFR charts, is classified as a/an:


Responsibility for validating NOTAM data and operating the National NOTAM System belongs to _________.


Who is responsible for observing and reporting the conditions of the landing area of an airport?

Airport manager/operator

A NOTAM that is widely disseminated and applies to civil components of the NAS is classified as a _________.


When NO MEA is depicted, the MEA on a jet route is ________ feet MSL.


Solid triangles on an En Route IFR Chart indicate ___________.

compulsory reporting points

Which chart(s) depict ATIS frequencies where ATIS is' available?

Both A and C

An asterisk (*) before an altitude along a low altitude airway indicates a(n) _________.


If NO changeover point is depicted along an airway, it means that ___________.

the changeover is to be made at the halfway point between the two NAVAIDs

How is Class A airspace depicted on an En Route High Altitude Chart?

Open white area

IFR Area Charts use the same symbols as those found in the ________.

En Route Low and High Altitude Charts

During what time period is the Class C airspace surrounding Tulsa International Airport effective?

It is effective continuously.

Charts that are specifically designed to provide aeronautical information used during instrument flight:

All of the above: En Route Low Charts, En Route High Charts, and IFR Area Charts.

Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) have been established at certain airports to ___________.

simplify clearance delivery, expedite traffic flow, and reduce pilot/controller workload

SIDs are listed alphabetically in the U.S. Terminal Procedures Publication - first under __________ then under _________.

city, airport name

Which statement is true regarding a SID?

Pilots are encouraged to include the phrase "No SID" in their flight plans if they do not want a SID.

The STAR is not designed to __________.

ensure appropriate separation minima between aircraft

A pilot would most likely be issued a STAR from a/an ________ controller.

en route

To accept a clearance for the DANDD 5 arrival to Denver, the pilot must be in possession of the _______ for that STAR.

approved chart

Which statement is true regarding a STAR?

One STAR may serve several airports.

To locate a SID or STAR, select the correct U.S. Terminal Procedures Volume, then before using it, _________.

check for currency

Instrument Approach Procedures (lAPs) are designed to ________.

provide an IFR descent from an en route environment to a point where a safe landing can be made

A Nonprecision approach does not provide ___________.

electronic glide slope information

The Decision Altitude (DA) __________.

is the altitude at which a decision must be made to either continue the approach or execute a missed approach

Which of the following is an optional component of an ILS?

Inner marker beacon

When the glide slope component of an ILS is inoperative, which of the following is true?

It is classified as a Localizer approach.

In which section of the Instrument Approach Chart are the DME arcs depicted?


Class A airspace

generally 18,000 ft MSL up to and INCLUDING FL600, IFR only and positive control by ATC, 2-way communications & 4096 Mode C transponder required

Class B airspace

generally surface to 10,000 ft MSL, surrounding the nations busiest airports, individually tailored, ALL aircraft require an ATC clearance to enter, 2-way comms & Mode C transponder required, IFR aircraft require operable VOR or TACAN nav equipement, ALL aircraft (VFR & IFR) receive separation services, special permision for solo student pilots

Class C airspace

generally surface to 4,000 ft MSL, require 2-way comms and mode-c, ATC separate VFR from IFR

Which class of airspace does not require an ATC clearance?

Class C airspace

The airspace that generally extends from the surface to 10,000 feet MSL and surrounds a busy airport is designated as Class ________ airspace.

Class B airspace

Class D airspace

usually surface to 2,500 AGL, 2-way comms to enter, have control tower, no separation services provided to VFR acft

What class of airspace contain victor airways?

Class E

What class of airspace contain jet routes?

Class A

Class E airspace

starts at surface, extends upward to overlying airspace, up to but NOT INCLUDING 18,000 ft MSL

The authority and responsibility for flying in Class G airspace belong to the _______.


The Special Use Airspace that overlies an aerial gunnery range located over land is called a _______ Area.


What type of Special Use Airspace is found over international waters?

Warning Area

Controlled Firing Area (CFA)

not depicted on charts, non-participating aircraft NOT required to deviate

National Security Area (NSA)

nucular power plants, refinery areas, etc; restrictions put out by notums, not always closed airspaces

Prohibited Area vertical airspace begins at _______.

the surface

In what type of airspace would a high volume of pilot training take place?

Alert Area

IFR charts are updated ________.

every 56 days

En Route Low Altitude Charts are published every ________.

56 days

How many En Route Low Altitude Charts are there?


En Route Low Altitude Charts are for use below ________ feet MSL.


Airports with approved Instrument Approach Procedures are depicted in ________ and ________.

blue, green

When included in the airport data, (A) means ________.

Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is available

A star («) in the airport data could be used to indicate ________.

part-time status of surrounding airspace

A frequency which is underlined within a communication box indicates that ________.

there is no voice transmitted on that frequency

A (T) depicted next to the facility name means ________.

the facility is a Terminal class NAVAID

Which of the following is NOT found in a communication box?

Symbol indicating the availability of ATIS broadcasts

The OROCA ensures an aircraft of ________ coverage.

obstruction clearance, but no NAVAID/communications

Light brown shading indicates the presence of ________.

uncontrolled airspace

A Mode C Area, which requires an aircraft to have Mode C equipment onboard, is depicted by ________.

a solid blue outline

An appropriate IFR altitude for an aircraft on a magnetic heading of 178° is ________.

not able to be determined

U.S. Terminal Procedure Charts are published every _____ days.


True/False: An aircraft must be in instrument flight conditions to execute an Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP).


The ILS is designed to provide ________.

An approach path with both course and vertical guidance

An approach is termed "precision" because it ________.

provides lateral and vertical guidance

Which of the following components of an ILS is designed to provide the pilot with course guidance to the runway centerline?


The purpose of the marker beacon is to ___________.

identify a particular location

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