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unlimited government

system which leaders have total power


the duties and rights of citizens


people who use goods and services


rivalry in selling goods and making a profit


a person who moves to a new country

equal opportunity

fairness in education and employment

federal government

the national government

free enterprise/market economy

an economy with little government regulation of business


people who built complex civilizations in the U.S. Southwest


the love for one's country

constitutional amendment

changes or additions to the Constitution

U.S. Constitution

the basis for our laws

Bill of Rights

a list of specific freedoms given to U.S. citizens


a way to measure a country's economy


money left over after costs of production are paid

natural resources

raw materials used to make goods - land, water, forests, minerals, and soil

labor resources

workers with knowledge, skills, and experience to make goods or provide services

capital resources

machines, factories, and supplies needed to make goods or provide services


owners of a business - bring all the resources together to produce a good or service


objects you can buy to satisfy a want


actions that meet a want

Executive Branch

enforces the laws - headed by the president

Legislative Branch

makes the laws and controls taxes and spending - headed by Congress


made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives

Judicial Branch

decides if laws agree with the U.S. Constitution- headed by the Supreme Court

Command Economy

in this system, the government decides how many of which goods are produced and sets the prices

Traditional Economy

in this system, social roles and culture determine how goods and services are produced, prices, individual incomes, and which consumers are allowed to buy certain goods


taxes placed on imported goods to restrict trade

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