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"A Glossary of Terms" page 9

This is a list of all the terms we highlighted on page nine of "A Glossary of Terms." Ones especially needed for Macbeth are preceded by the letter "M".
M Philosophy of: 1) total rejection of established laws and institutions. 2) anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity. 3) total and absolute destructiveness
A work of fiction intermediate in length and complexity between a short story and a novel
a word, verse, or sentence that reads the same backwards and forwards. Example: "Able was I ere I saw Elba"
A statement apparently self-contradictory or absurd (but containing a possible truth at times). Example: "Fair is foul and foul is fair."
Ability to call forth feeling of pity, compassion and sadness.
A line of verse consisting of five metrical feet.
Periodic sentence
A sentence in which the writer builds suspense by beginning with subordinate elements and postpones the main clause until the end. Example: "Throwing her prom dress out the window, she vowed to spend the rest of her life as a welder."