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-IR verb conjugation Spanish

Practice how to conjugate -ir verbs. Drop the ending -ir and add the conjugated endings.
to write
yo escribo
I write
tú escribes
you write
él escribe
he writes
ella escribe
she writes
usted escribe
you write (formal)
nosotros escribimos
we write
ellos escriben
they write (masculine/ mixed)
ellas escriben
they write (feminine)
ustedes escriben
you all write
to live
yo vivo
I live
tú vives
you live informal
Usted vive
you live formal
él vive
he lives
ella vive
she lives
nosotros vivimos
we live
ellos viven
they live (masculine/ mixed)
ellas viven
they live feminine
ustedes viven
you guys live

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