Speedback 6

All of the questions and answers from the Lesson 6 Speedback.
Which of the following is NOT a stimulant?
Which childhood disorder is most closely linked to environmental tobacco smoke?
A person has been lifting weights with you, and you notice he has gotten more muscular faster than you have. You also notice your friend has frequent mood swings. What drug do you think your friend may be using?
anabolic steroids
You are experiencing a migraine and you don't have your medications with you. What should you do?
Take nothing until you get home and can take your own medications.
What is the correct term that describes the use of inhalants as a drug in which the person's body slows down and causes the person to lose control of their behavior and emotions?
Which of the following is not an effect of fetal alcohol syndrome?
larger head size
You are driving and notice the person ahead of you is weaving and swerving and straddling the lane marker. Such behavior indicates that the driver may be under the influence of which of the following drugs?
Which of the following describes organic compounds that can help the body to function better to make energy, produce blood cells, and reduce the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida?
vitamins or coenzymes
What is the best choice of drinks for a pregnant woman?
Decaffeinated lemon-lime soda
Which of the following is a result of smoking during pregnancy?
increased risk of miscarriage
Which of the following is NOT a good strategy for preventing drug use and abuse?
Hang out with friends who are known to use drugs.
Which of the following most commonly used drugs is involved in half of all car crashes?
Which drug, gaining popularity with athletes, is wanted for its ability to increase muscle size due to movement of water into the muscles but which may cause dehydration, mental confusion, blood pressure problems and even death?
You have a classmate who seems to have a smaller head and eyes and who struggles to learn. Of the following, which is a probable cause of your classmate's condition?
The mother drank alcohol during pregnancy.
How is alcohol classified?
a depressant
Which of the following is a common sign of drug abuse?
unexplained changes in behavior
Which of the following may be a desirable effect of caffeine?
mental arousal
Which of the following helps to boost the function of the immune system by encouraging the formation of antibodies for protection?
What is the name for stimulants that are made from everyday products and can keep a person awake for long periods of time, resulting in a lack of interest in usual activities, as well as a loss of appetite and a change in personality?
Out of the following, what is the very best way to learn to cope with peer pressure?
Practice role-playing scenarios.
Which of the following should you NOT consult to find out the best and current information on drugs?
the good friend who believes only in alternative medicine.
Excedrin has aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine in its formula. These chemicals work together to relieve severe headaches. What are the effects called?
synergistic effects
Infants exposed to environmental tobacco smoke have a greater-than-average risk of dying from which of the following?
What increases the risk of lung, kidney, bladder, and larynx (voice box) cancer?
tobacco and its components
What would be a good use of an analgesic?
reduce pain
You are at a party and notice that some people are taking pills, sucking on suckers, sweating, and enjoying all of the patterns made by bright lights and colors. The day after the party you call your friends who seem confused, depressed, anxious, and complain of difficulty sleeping. What drug did they probably take at the party?
Which of the following statements about FAS is not correct?
FAS is not preventable.
What category of drugs relieves pain and promotes sleep?
Which common hallucinogen may cause bad trips called flashback years later, even after the use of the drug has been stopped?
You have tried using your refusal skills in response to peer pressure to "try a little marijuana." Nothing you have said seems to have stopped the pressure you feel to try marijuana. What should you do?
Leave. Get away from the situation.
Which fairly tasteless and odorless drug causes sleepiness, sedation, and the inability to rememberevents that occurred when one was under the influence of the drug?
Which of the following is NOT associated with the use of marijuana?
the ability to stay awake for many days
Which of the following terms describes what happens when a drug decreases the effect of another drug?
antagonistic reaction
Which of the following is an example of proper drug or medication use?
taking over-the-counter drugs for a cold
Whatis the active ingredient in tobacco that causes addiction and many of the problems associated with blood vessels?
What is an example of an appropriate supplement a twenty-three-year-old woman could take?
calcium supplements to help build bone
Caffeine addiction is caused by continuous ingestion of at least which of the following amounts?
Caffeine is naturally found in which of the following substances?