40 terms

ethnic cultures test 3

what is the development of solidarity between ethnic subgroups?
west=latino East=hispanic
what term is more common in the west and east for persons of hispanic or latino decent?
what term was used to describe contracted laborers brought to the united states from mexico after the depression?
32 million
What number of hispanics that are in the united states are mexican americans?
refers to the area of common culture along the border between mexico and u.s.
What does borderlands refer to?
issue of communism still overshadows attitudes about u.s. relationship wit cuba
What is the wet foot dry foot policy?
the culture of poverty involves what, according to its theorists
foreign owned companies that establish operations in Mexico are exempt from Mexican taxes and are not required to provide insurance or benefits for workers
what are maquiladoras?
Mexican Americans
what is the term la raza used to connote pride in?
What kind of stress means having a positive self-image and placing little reliance on conventional forms or politics?
term the islanders use for puerto ricans in new york
what term refers to the practice of placing students in specific curriculum groups based on test scores?
transfer of money by a foreign worker to his or her home country
it is made on a continuum rather than by sharp categorical separations
how does a color gradient describe distinctions based on skin color?
hometown clubs
typically are non-proit organizations that maintain close ties to immigrant's hometowns in Mexico or Latin nations
high unemployment
what is associated with the immigration of central and south americans to the united states
practice of placing students in specific classes or curriculum based on test scores and other criteria.
term used to refer to pride in the exteneded family expressed through the maintenance of close ties and strong obligations to kinfolk in the extended family.
in 2006 what percent of Latinos lived below the poverty line in the United States?
refers to the generalized prejudice toward Asian people and their customs
What does the term yellow peril capture in the characterizations of Asian people?
the program in the 1930s that deported immigrants back to their native land.
health care
term refers to the people's opportunities to provide themselves with material goods positive living conditions, and favorable living experiences.
all have followed patterns created in traditional china
all 3 types have performed similar functions
Hui Kuan-benevolent associates that help members adjust to a new life
Tongs-formed on the basis of common interests
what are reasonable conclusions about the various social organizations among Chinese Americans? what were two key social organizations and their purpose
crime, delinquency, and reported mental illness
data shows that on all types of social discord or issues japanese americans have lower incident rate of what than all other minorities?
who was Hawaii initially populated by?
japanese educational attainment is higher; higher median family income
compare japanese americans to caucasians in terms of education and income
model minority
what term refers to when a group experiences prejudice and discrimination; yet seems to have succeeded economically, socially, and educationally without resorting to political or violence with whites?
who comprises the largest asian american group?
the were considered "threats"
what was the reason for the placement of japanese americans in evacuation camps?
president roosevelt
what president is responsible for the order to place japanese americans in evacuation camps during WWII
just because they do better in their education does not mean they make more money. whites make more than their asian counterparts.
what is true regarding asian americans and diversity of income
first generation japanese immigrants to the United States are known as what?
rising divorce rate, outgroup marriage increasing, neolocal pattern of residence
what evidences acculturation of chinese americans in family life?
never had segregation, jim crow, slavery, or laws against interracial marriage
what negative factor in american history were hawaiians not exposed to
sovereignty movement
what movement is the effort by the indigenous people of Hawaii to secure a measure of self-government and restoration of their lands?
Clan or Tsu Organization
social organizations along family or kinship ties in Chinatown are known as what?
the impression of glitter and wealth hidden among economic deprivation and poverty
what are some of the paradoxes relating to the perception and realities of chinatown
secret socieites; formed on the basis of common interests such as political or other protests
variation of blaming the victim by "praising the victim" excludes asians from social programs and conceals unemployment and other social skills
how can the model minority stereotype of asian americans be viewed as negative?
japanese american
what asian american group has the highest level of educational achievement?