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When a rapidly moving cold front overtakes a warm front, an _____ front is likely to form.


On the average, ____ fronts are about half as steep as warm fronts and travel faster than warm fronts.


______ are boundary surfaces that separate air masses of different densities.


The first sign of an approaching warm front is often the appearance of ______ clouds.


On a weather map, _______ fronts are shown with blue triangular points on one side of a line and red semicircles on the other side of the line.


A _______ is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

counter clockwise

Cyclones in North America move

clear skies

Anticyclones generally produce __________ conditions.

blocking highs

Large high-pressure anticyclones that form and persist over the middle latitudes for two weeks or longer and deflect the zonal west-to-east flow poleward are sometimes referred to as __________.

conveyor belt

The ___________ model of the midlatitude cyclone provides a three-dimensional picture of the major circulation, and accounts for the distribution of precipitation and the comma-shaped cloud pattern of cyclonic storms.

maritime tropical

Following the passage of a spring warm front, a region in the southeastern United States would most likely be under the influence of a __________ air mass.


Which type of front will most probably develop over the southern Great Plains when dry, continental tropical (cT) air originating over the American Southwest meets moist, maritime tropical (mT) air from the Gulf of Mexico?


An approaching midlatitude cyclone would be indicated by a __________ barometric reading.

warm air occupies territory formerly covered by cooler air

A warm front exists when __________.


Which one of the following is NOT a type of front?

polar front

Middle-latitude cyclones develop in conjunction with the __________.


The cloud type most frequently associated with a cold front is:


An area on the north side of the low-pressure center of a middle-latitude cyclone usually has this type of front for the longest period of time.

rotate counterclockwise

Middle-latitude cyclones

mid-latitude cyclone

Another common term for the wave cyclone is

rising temperatures

If a warm front is approaching, you can expect

the Gulf of Mexico

The "Storm of the Century" had its origins in

lifting of warm air over cold

Which of these is common to both cold and warm fronts?


The "Storm of the Century" struck in the winter of


On a weather map, ________ fronts are shown with triangular points on one side of the front and semicircles on the other.

lifting of warm air over cold

Which of these is common to both cold and warm fronts?


Thunderstorms can be generated when a cT air mass meets an mT air mass and creates a frontal boundary called a:


The general term applied to warm air moving up over a colder air mass is:


A wind shift in a counterclockwise direction, as from east to north, is termed ________ wind shift.


A wind shift in a clockwise direction, as from south to west, is termed ________ wind shift.

rotate counterclockwise.

Middle-latitude cyclones

counterclockwise, converging, rising

In the Northern Hemisphere, the surface air flow associated with a midlatitude cyclone is __________.


With which type of front will the flow of air most likely be parallel to the line of the front?

a few days to over a week

The lifetime of a midlatitude cyclone is generally __________.

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