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The Tang and Song
Advances in farming took place during which dynasties?
The Tang dynasty is said to have produced the finest examples of what Chinese art?
Scholar-officials had to pass exams based on the teachings of
Muslim Turks
Which of the following groups had the higher social status under the Yuan dynasty?
Much of his journey was within the Mongol empire.
Which statement best describes Marco Polo's journey to China?
reopened the Silk Road to trade.
When the Mongols came to power, they
honored some Chinese traditions, but mostly stayed apart from the Chinese.
As rulers of China, the Mongols
To which of the following continents did Zheng He travel on his voyages?
He drove out the Mongols and made himself the absolute ruler of China.
Which of the following statements best describes Emperor Hongwu's actions in the 1300s?
built the Forbidden City.
To restore China's authority and present it as the center of the world, Emperor Yongle
traded freely with the support of the Chinese government.
When European merchants came to China in the 1500s, they
Which of the following inventions proved to be of great value to European sailors?
They were traded first to Muslims who then traded with Europe.
How did Chinese inventions such as gunpowder, paper, and the compass reach Europe?
Which system of belief held that people should give up worldly desires and seek enlightenment?
Which of the following belief systems had the strongest support from the Chinese government?
The Tang Dynasty strengthened government by bringing back China's
united and expanded greatly in size.
Under the emperors of the Tang dynasty, China
During the Tan and Song dynasties, the growth of which crop helped populations grow?
Siddhartha Gautama
Buddhism was founded by
Which product was a highly prized Chinese export made in China for centuries?
Calligraphy, poetry, and painting
What were the three perfections valued from the Tang to the Ming dynasty?
children should respect their parents.
One idea that Confucius taught was
how well people scored on civil service exams.
The Song government based its merit system upon
conquered all of China.
Ghengis Khan is important because he
the Ming banned overseas travel and stopped building large ships.
After Emperor Yongle's death
Which belief system spread first from India to China and then to Korea and Japan?
Believers in what philosophy thought that following the way of nature would bring them peace?
Emperor Wuzong ordered thousands of ____________ monasteries and temples to be destroyed, and the faith never fully recovered in China.
Because there is limited land for growing crops.
Why does so much of the Japanese diet come from the ocean?
What does the movement of Earth's plates underneath Japan produce?
What common factor united people in a specific clan in early Japan?
The Constitution promoted local government.
Which of the following statements about Prince Shotoku's Constitution of Seventeen Articles is true?
Some clans had lost some of their power to the emperor.
What change had happened in Japan by the early 700s?
Before he became Japan's first shogun, which clan did Minamoto Yoritomo have to defeat?
Labor and crops
What did peasants give their daimyo in return for the protection his samurai offered?
They both forced the daimyo to pledge loyalty to them.
How did Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu treat the daimyo similarly?
Which of the following groups would most likely attend a Kabuki performance?
A woman
Who wrote The Tale of Genji?
What was a core value in Japanese families?
Which of the following is the traditional religion of Japan?
It can be practiced at the same time as the Shinto religion.
Which of the following statements about Buddhism in Japan is true?
A garden
What was a key outdoor feature of many Japanese nobles' homes?
Their land
In the Japanese feudal system, what made the daimyo so powerful at first?
Supreme military commander
What did the title of shogun originally mean?
Limited farmland
Which phrase best describes Japan's geography?
Buddhism and Confucianism
Prince Shotoku believed that ____________ could unify Japan.
Mount Fuji
The highest peak in Japan.
Ring of fire
A region of volcanoes and earthquakes that circles the Pacific Ocean.
Local land-owning lords.
Highly trained warriors.