Nursing Informatics

People who share a specialized knowledge
reminders, alerts, drug to drug checking, guidelines and protocols, image recognition and interpretations, speech recognition allergy to drug checking
What are examples of Clinical Decision Support System Applications?
Nursing Terminologies
Decrease ER visits, decrease LOS, decrease admissions, decrease travel costs, increase productivity for clinical
What are at least two economic benefits of telehealth?
increased visibility, better communication, improved patient care, enhanced data collection, adherence to standards
What are the benefits of nursing terminologies?
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom
Nursing Informatics focuses on what four concepts?
Order Entry Management
What is the clinicians ability to enter meds and other orders into the computer?
Nursing Terminologies
A systematic standardized way of describing nursing practice and includes data sets, taxonomies, nomenclatures, and classification systems.
nurse, patient, health, and environment
What are the components of the metaparadigm of nursing
EBP- Evidence Based Practice
Research that generates knowledge for nursing practice is called?
Artificial Intelligence
What field attempts to capture the complex process of the human thought and intelligence?
What are raw facts that lack meaning?
licensure (DISADVANTAGE)
What is the key impediment of telehealth?
Electronic Health Record
What is the longitudinal electronic record of patient health info produced by encounters in 1 or more care setting?
camera, scale, BP monitor, Thermometer, Glucometer, EKG, PTT/INR meter, Pulse Oximeter
What are some peripheral devices used in telehealth?
Patient Safety
The number one focus of EHR as stated by the IOM
chronically ill, isolated, concerned families, assisted living patients
Who are the consumers of telehealth technology?
What group of providers are impacted the most by CPOE?
downtime procedure or policy
What policy should be in place prior to the implementation of CPOE?
A DSS or CDSS should support, not replace what a clinician or manage?
Nursing Science, Information Science, Computer Science
What are the three sciences that informatics utilized in their definitions?
Clinical Decision Support System
What is a system designed to support health care providers in making decisions about the delivery and management of patient care?
Informatics Nurse
What is a RN with an interest or experience working in an informatics field called?
What allows the clinician to be in contact with a patients without a face to face encounter?
What is the ability to APPLY appropriate use of knowledge to manage and solve human problems?
what is known
Organizing and interpreting; data that are interpreted, organized or structured
Beginners with no experience with the situations in which they are expected to perform a tasks; Taught rules to guide actions
Advance Beginner
One who can demonstrate marginally acceptable performance; minimal prior experience in actual situations for recognition
Nurse who has been practicing for 2 to 3 years who envisions his or her actions in terms of long-range goals or plans; the nurse is able to organize her day and prioritize the needs of the patient
Perceives the situation as a whole. Decision making is now less labored since the nurse has a perspective what is a priority; use past experiences to make judgement calls on pt care
Enormous background of experiences has an intuitive grasp of the situation and zeros in on the accurate region of the problem without a long decision making process; "i got a feeing"
Critical Thinking
Process of actively and skillfully using knowledge to apply, analyze, synthesize and or evaluate data and info as a guide to belief and action
serial set of data points overtime
Knowledge worker
specialized, have advance education, work as a multidisciplinary team, problem-solving and decision-making skills
Knowledge Work
Interpreting trends in labs or symptoms of a pt
NonKnowledge Work
calling the labs, checking results, making beds
Data gathers
collect and records objective clinical data- vital signs or data base
Information Users
Interpret the data
Knowledge Users
See a pattern, v/s are outside the normal range
Knowledge Builders
Clinical Data and trends across a group of patients. Use scientific Data to improve nurses' knowledge domain
Project Manager
planning and implementation of an informatics project
expert advice, opinions and recommendations
develop and implement educational materials.
new informatics knowledge
Product Developer
design, production and marketing of new informatics solutions
Decision support/ outcomes manager
tools to maintain data integrity- increasing nursing knowledge
analyze nsg informations needs and develop and market solutions
Nsg is valued for how we think and develop knowledge
Standardized Nursing Terminology
Nsg terminology that has been approved by by an appropriate authority for example ANA
easy to access the information to deliver care
Changing models in healthcare delivery, information should be available anywhere
Usable beyond the immediate clinical encounter
Useful for a range of purposes
Terms or labels for describing concepts in nursing such as dx ,interventions and outcomes
the ordering of entities, including nomenclatures, into groups or classes on the basis of their similarities
Study of classification and simultaneously refers to the end product of a classification
Broad or general, idealized model of an object or concept from which similar instances are derived, copied, patterned, or emulated. Original model after other similar things are patterned
Artificial Intelligence
The field that deals with the conception, development, and implementation of informatics tools based on intelligent technologies. This field attempts to capture the complex processes of human thought and intelligence.
Call Centers
Registered nurse-stafed facilities at which nurses typically act as case managers for callers or perform patient triage
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
the largest health insurer in the US, particularly for home healthcare services, and for the elderly for healthcare services
Central Stations
Multifunctional telehealthcare platforms for receiving, retrieving, and/or displaying patients' vital signs and other info transmitted from telecommunications-ready medical devices
System that validates that a nurse possess certain skills and knowledge or is competent to complete a task. Competence and skill level determined by or based on external review, assessment, examination, or education
Chronic Disease
Range of long-term diseases, such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and respiratory ailments
Cognitive Activity
Any process or task (activity) that involves the capacity to think, reason, imagine, and learn
Cognitive Informatics
Fiend of study made up of the disciplines of neuroscience, linguistics, artificial intelligence and psychology. The multidisciplinary study of cognition and information sciences, which investigates human information processing mechanisms and processes and their engineering applications in computing
The ability to hook up to the electronic resources necessary to meet the user's needs. The ability to use computer networks to link to people and resources. The unbiased transmission or transport of Internet protocol packets between two end points.
Decision Support
Recommendations for interventions based on computerized care protocols. The decision support recommendations may include such items as additional screenings, medication interactions, or drug and dosage monitoring.
That knowledge which is derived from our experiences or senses
Enumerative Approach
Nursing terminology in which words or phrases are represented in a list or simple hierarchy; gives an explicit and exhaustive listing of all the objects that fall under the concept or term in question
Study of the nature and origin of knowledge; what it means to know
Home Health Care
Alternate site for healthcare services typically focusing on posthospital discharge patient needs
Home telehealth care
Home healthcare clinical and educational services provided via telecommunications-ready tools
Informatics Innovator
Process of making enhancements or improvements creative, novel, and inventive solutions in the informatics speciality
Information Age
Period when information was easily accessible using computers, networks, and the Internet
French term that refers to the computer milieu
Interdisciplinary Knowledge Team
A team composed of members of various discipline in a healthcare organization who each contribute their unique knowledge to the team in problem-solving or management situations
A way of acquiring knowledge that cannot be obtained by inference, deduction, observation, reason, analysis, or experience
A system of thinking that uses principles of inference and reasoned ideas to govern action
Usability beyond the immediate clinical encounter. Long-term value.
Medical Informatics
A speciality that integrates medical science, computer science, cognitive science, and information science to manage and communicate data, info, knowledge, and wisdom in medical practice
Medication Management Devices
range of telecommunications-ready medication devices to remind or otherwise alert patients to medication compliance needs
Data stored in digital format; generally refers to random access memory (RAM)
Model of terminology use
a domain content model that is optimized for the management of particular entities within an informational and/or operational context
Study of that which is compositional in nature and a partial representation of the entities within a domain and the relationships that hold between them. An explicit specification of a conceptualization
Patient Support
The total array of tools and software that can be used to provide info and assistance to help meet the healthcare needs of consumers.
The process of acquiring knowledge about our environment or situation by obtaining, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information from seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Sensory experience foundational to formulating knowledge
Web Servers
Multifunctional telehealthcare platforms for receiving, retrieving, and/or displaying patients' vs and other info transmitted from telecommunications-ready medical devices
The state of being everywhere at once
team of nursing leaders that developed a vision for utilizing info technology to transform nursing practice
Telephone monitoring of patients at their residences by off-site telenurses
use of telecommunications technology to facilitate the transmission and transfer of pathology data for the purposes of diagnosis, education, and research. Transmission and exchange of image-rich pathology data between remote locations
Health services delivered by telecommunications-ready tools supervised or directed by a nurse
remote measurement of patients' vs and other necessary data
health services delivered by a telecommunications-ready tools supervised or directed by a doctor
telehealth care
health services delivered by telecommunications-ready tools, usually supervised by a nurse or other clincian
telecommunication technologies used to deliver health-realated services or to connect patients and healthcare providers to maximize patients' health status. A relatively new term in our medical/nursing vocabulary, referring to a wide range of health services that are delivered by telecommuncations-ready tools such as the telephone, videophone, and computer
Store-and forward telehealth transmission
application of telehealth care, in which images and other clinical data are captured and transmitted to a specialists clinicians
Sensor and activity monitoring systems
systems for tracking activities of daily living of seniors and other at-risk individuals in their places of residence. Additional applications are sensors' use in detecting anomalies or problems such as faucets and stoves left turned on.
Results management
an approach to evaluating the outcomes of a process to determine if the process was useful or valuable
The act of using of documents or information system outputs to convey information to stakeholders
way of thinking, calculating, interpreting, or introspectively rethinking or critically thinking through an issue; reflective though to a reason or think through one's ideas and alternatives
Real-time telehealth
live interactions between two or more clinicians, usually performed with videoconferencing equipment
an ethical postion that contends that knowledge is derived from deductible reasoning and not from the senses
tools for organizing information from Web pages into simple menus on one's desktop. Also, multifunctional telehealthcare platforms for receiving, retrieving and/or displaying patients' vs and other info transmitted from telecommuncations-ready medical devices
population health management
a term adopted by healthcare management companies to express their goal of achieving optimum health outcomes at a reasonable cost. The management process involves data collection and trend analyses that are used to predict clinical outcomes
the process of acquiring knowledge about our environment or situation by obtaining, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory info from seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Sensory experience foundational to formulating knowledge
Patient SUpport
The total array of tools and software that can be used to provide info and assistance to help meet the healthcare needs of consumers.