13 terms

Desmond crucible vocabulary

torment, frighten or harm through supernatural means
to make a formal agreement with Satan. The usual terms are a person's soul in return for wealth, power or other earthly gain.
compact with the Devil
group of witches and one leader
severe test; a vessel used for refining and purifying some material (gold, for example) under intense heat.
the fiend, Lucifer, Satan: Christian names for the supreme spirit of evil.
the Devil
evil spirit or demon that serves a witch. Familiars were believed to take the shape of small animals such as cats, dogs, birds, toads, or mice
familiar spirit
term used to identify the mistress of a household; similar to the term "Mrs."; short for "goodwife"
phenomenon that overtook the town of Salem in 1692. through the power of suggestion, many people came to believe the town was overrun by witches. Also called "the madness."
hysteria/mass hysteria
making accusations based on little or no evidence, like the charges Senator Joseph McCarthy made against suspected Communists in the 1950's
government in which religious authorities rule the state as God's representatives
to conjure up through spells or have communication with demons, ghosts, or other supernatural creatures
traffick with spirits
from the Anglo-Saxon word "wicce," meaning sorceress, a person said to practice black magic
an intensive effort to expose disloyalty, usually based on little or no evidence