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  1. the study of the bones and the disorders and diseases of the skeletal system
  2. located below each parietal bone forming the lower sides and the base of the skull
  3. Spongy bone on the outer walls of the nose
  4. forms the forehead
  5. the bone found at the back and base of the skull
  6. forms the base for the nasal septum

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  1. OsTechnical name for bone


  2. Maxillae bonebones of the upper jaw


  3. Palatine boneforms the nasal cavity and the hard palate


  4. Zygomatic/Malar boneIs commonly called the "cheekbone"


  5. JointTechnical name for bone


  6. Parietal boneTwo bones between the frontal and occipital; on the side and top of the cranium


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