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  1. tantalize
  2. repulsive
  3. morbid
  4. inevitable
  5. skeptical
  1. a a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. a person who doubts the truth or christianity or other religions
  2. b arousing intence distence distence or disgust
  3. c to tease, torment by teasing
  4. d having or showing an unhealty interest in unpleasent sujects
  5. e incapable of being avoided or prevented

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  1. refuse to accept or be associated with. deny the truth or validity of
  2. wild and noisy, disorder or confusion; upraor
  3. extremely thin; wasted away
  4. cool and formal in manner
  5. disorderly and disruptive, difficult to control

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  1. ludicrousbright of shining, especially in the dark


  2. beguileto charm, enchant, or trick; to persuade or lead by deception


  3. chagrincowardly; a coward


  4. discerninghaving or revealing keen insight and good judgment


  5. demagoguea political leader who appeals to popular desires and prejudice