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  1. voracious
  2. gaunt
  3. welter
  4. ludicrous
  5. reticent
  1. a upsurd; ridiculous, silly, laughable
  2. b wanting or devouring great quantities of food, eagerly consuming something
  3. c lean and haggard, especially through suffering, hunger, or age
  4. d cool and formal in manner
  5. e a large number of items in no order; a confused mass

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  1. advocating through political or social reform; political extreme. departing from tradition
  2. take a position or power illegally or by force
  3. a solemn promise to oneself or to another
  4. merciful or tolerant
  5. to charm, enchant, or trick; to persuade or lead by deception

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  1. ingeniousnot planned or rehearsed


  2. attributeto cease, to run, flow, or move


  3. dilatorya large number of items in no order; a confused mass


  4. fortitudestrength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage


  5. shoddylong and strong


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