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  1. burly
  2. beseech
  3. cosmopolitan
  4. vow
  5. attribute
  1. a to ask eagerly, to make an urgent appeal
  2. b long and strong
  3. c regard as belonging to or being caused by
  4. d a solemn promise to oneself or to another
  5. e consisting people or familiar with people from many different countries and cultures

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  1. take a position or power illegally or by force
  2. to charm, enchant, or trick; to persuade or lead by deception
  3. a physical movement or series of moves requirering skill and care. a carefully planned scheme or action
  4. full of sorrow, miserable
  5. arousing intence distence distence or disgust

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  1. radicalcool and formal in manner


  2. accessibleable to be accessed, friendly and easy to talk to, approachable


  3. shoddya solemn promise to oneself or to another


  4. fortitudestrength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage


  5. reprehensiblearousing intence distence distence or disgust