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  1. usurp
  2. shoddy
  3. maneuver
  4. complacent
  5. skeptical
  1. a pleased with oneself
  2. b a physical movement or series of moves requirering skill and care. a carefully planned scheme or action
  3. c a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. a person who doubts the truth or christianity or other religions
  4. d of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
  5. e take a position or power illegally or by force

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  1. complaining in petulant or whining
  2. an outbreak of public anger or excitement
  3. to tease, torment by teasing
  4. using or expressed in more words than are needed
  5. cool and formal in manner

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  1. cravencowardly; a coward


  2. luminousbright of shining, especially in the dark


  3. gauntmost noticeable or most important


  4. evasivearousing intence distence distence or disgust


  5. emaciatedextremely thin; wasted away


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