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a bank
an institution for receiving, lending, exchanging, and safeguarding money
to bank
to put money into a bank account
a savings account
a bank account to safeguard money that earns interest
a checking account
a bank deposit against which checks can be drawn by the depositor.
to deposit (banking)
To put money into a bank account
a deposit (banking)
A sum of money placed in a bank account
to withdraw (banking)
To take money out of a bank account
a withdrawal
A sum of money taken from a bank account
an ATM
An Automatic Teller Machine where depositors can make banking transatctions with the use of a debit card.
a bank teller
a person employed in a bank to receive or pay out money over the counter.
a balance
the amount of money in an account
a charge account
an account against which the customer can charge purchases (for example: VISA)

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