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Moon Phases

Moon Phases
Does the Moon give off light?
No it reflects the light hitting it from the sun.
How do we see the Moon?
The moon has no natural light, we see it because the Sun reflects off of it.
How many degrees around the Earth does the moon move in one Earth Day?
About 12 degrees
How far is the Moon from the Earth?
The moon is 30 Earth diameters away from us.
What and how long is the sidereal period of the Moon?
The period of its revolution about the Earth measured with respect to the stars is a little over 27 days; 27,3217 days to be exact.
What how long is the synodic period of the Moon?
Called the lunar months is 29 ½ days long.
How long does it take for the Moon to rotate once on its axis?
The moon rotates on its axis in exactly the same time that it takes to revolve around the earth (27.32 days)
Does the Moon move clockwise or counter clockwise around the Earth as viewed from above North Pole?
Counter Clockwise
How much later does the moon rise each day?
50 minutes latter each day
Label the phases of the mood based on the above diagram. Then shade in the portion of the Moon not visible during that phase on the circles below.
Refer to worksheet
During what phase is the moon visible all night?
Lunar Phase
During what phase does the moon rise at noon and set at midnight?
First Quarter Phase
During what phase does the moon rise at midnight and set at noon?
Third Quarter
During what phase does the moon rise mid afternoon and set a few hours after midnight?
First Quarter (?)
Duirng what Phase does the moon rise a few hours after midnight and set at mid afternoon?
Third Quarter (?)
During what phase does the moon rise mid evening and set mid morning?
Full Moon
During what phase does the moon rise mid morning and set mid evening?
New Moon
During what phase is the moon invisible all day?
New Moon
How long does it take to cycle through the lunar phases?
29.5 days
What is Earthshine?
Is a soft faint glow on the dark side of the moon caused by the reflection of sunlight from the Earth. It happens when the light from the sun is reflected from the Earth's surface to the moon and then back to our eyes.
What is a blue Moon?
A "blue moon" is the name for the second full moon in a single month. The moon takes 29.5 days to go through a full cycle of phases, so on rare occassions (about once every 2 3/4 years), two full moons will fit in a single month. This is rare that is why it is called the blue moon.
Why does the Moon, around the time of a full Moon, sometimes appear orange to red as it is rising or setting?
The orange and red tints that the Sun and Moon sometimes take on are caused by the particles in the Earth's atmosphere. (Also, see worksheet)
When is the harvest moon?
In 2012 the equinox takes place on September 22 the harvest moon takes place a week latter on September 29( Eastern Time 11:19pm, Central Time 10:19pm, Mountain Daylight Time 9:19pm, Pacific Daylight Time 8:19pm).
It can be argued that our 7 day week represents the time to go from quarter phases of the Moon. The days of the week however, refer to the seven wandering objects in the ancient's sky. List the wandering object each day was named after.