NRP lesson 3

A sel-inflating bag with a pressure gauge site will work only if a pressure gauge is connected to the site or if the connection site is (plugged) (left open)
A self-inflating bag connected to 100% O2 source will deliver up to 100% oxygen (by itself) (only when an O2 reservoir is attached)
Only when a reservoir is attached.
A self inflating bag connected to 100% O2, but without an O2 reservoir attached to it, delivers only about ____ % oxygen.
40 %
You are testing a resucitation bag. When you squeeze the bag, you (should) (should not) feel pressure against your hand.
What number should the pressure gauge read in the illustration at the right when you squeeze the bag?
30 to 40 cm H2o because the pressure pop off valve is active.
List 3 importnat factors that determine the peak inspiratory pressure delivered from a self-inflating bag.
1. how hard you squeeze the bag, 2. any leak that may be present between the mask and the baby's face, 3. The set point of the pressure release valve.
$ reason why a flow inflating bag may fail to ventilate.
1. Inadequate seal, 2. a tear in the bag, 3. the flow control valve is open too far, 4. the pressure gauge is not attached or the tubing is disconnected or occluded.
If the gas flow through a flow inflating bag is too high, there (is) (is not) an increased risk for pneumothorax.
To regulate the pressure of the o@ going to the baby with a flow inflating bag, you must either adjust flowmeter on the wall or the ________.
flow control valve
What pressures must be set before using a T-piece resuscitator?
1 Maximum circuit pressure, 2. Peak inspiratory pressure, 3. PEEP
The flow on a t-piece resuscitator may need to be (increased) (decreased) is the desired peak inspiratory pressure cannot be obtained.
Free flow O2 administration through a T-piece resuscitator requires the PEEP cap to be (open) (occluded).
T-Piece resuscitatiors (will) (will not) work without a compressed gas source.
will not
If given a mob name, which instructor would be know as Tommy Two Times?
Jim, because he always makes it a point to repeat everything he says atleast once....