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ITM 105

The _______ manages the flow of data and information through the computer system by coordinating the hardware, software, user interface processor, and system memory.

operating system

The _______ of the operating system allows the user to communicate with the computer system.

user interface

Which of the following is a single-user, multitask operating system?

Mac OS

Which of the following was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computers?


Which of the following is NOT a function of the operating system?

It manages the removal of spyware

The most essential software in your computer system is the ________.

operating system software

The version of Windows 7 that is most appropriate for high-end PC users, gamers, and multimedia professionals is ________.

Windows 7 Ultimate

The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is referred to as a computer's ________.


All of the following can be considered to be network operating systems EXCEPT:

Symbian OS

Some video games require a ________ operating system.


Which of the following operating systems is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?


Microsoft Windows and Mac OS use a ________ interface.

graphical user

Which of the following statements about a graphical user interface is FALSE?

A GUI is a command-driven interface

During the virtual memory process, the operating system moves data to a temporary storage area on the hard drive called the ________ file.


XO is the name of the computer being provided by the ________ project.

One Laptop per Child

Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a ________ that facilitates communication between the device and the OS.

device driver

The ________ is responsible for managing the processor and all other components of the computer system, and is an essential part of the operating system.


Which of the following is the first step in the boot process?

The BIOS is activated by powering on the CPU

The ________ is a program that manages the data between the operating system and all input and output devices attached to the system.


The basic input/output system is stored on a ________ chip.


Which of the following is NOT a step in the boot process?

The antivirus program checks all files for viruses

Which of the following does NOT occur during the power-on self-test?

The OS is moved into RAM

The ________ contains all of the different configurations used by the OS and by other applications.


All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process EXCEPT:


________ are easy-to-use mini desktop programs that give you information at a glance or quick access to frequently used tools including weather information, calendar items, or games.


In the Windows operating system, the hard drive is represented as the ________.

C drive

The OS allows you to organize the contents of your computer in a hierarchical structure of ________.


Windows 7 introduces the concept of ________, which are folders that gather files from different locations and display the files as if they were all saved in a single folder.


In a Windows folder, to display files and folders as icons in list form, use ________ view.


All of the following can be used in a Windows file name EXCEPT:


The location of a file is specified by its ________.

file path

In Windows, which character is used as a path separator?

backslash (\)

C:\Documents\Spring 2012\CIS 101\Term Paper\Computer Technology is an example of a ________.

file path

In Windows, a file path starts with a ________.

drive letter

If Microsoft Word 2010 is used to create a file, which file extension is added automatically?


Which of the following would be a name of a Microsoft Access file?


Which of the following statements concerning the Windows Recycle Bin is TRUE?

You can restore files that have been moved to the Recycle Bin

With Windows Explorer, you can perform all of the following file management actions EXCEPT:

editing files

Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges files on your hard drive in sequential order?

Disk Defragmenter

Which of the following types of programs help manage system resources such as the hard drive?

utility programs

You can use the Windows ________ to check on a nonresponsive program.

Task Manager

In Windows, you can create ________ to reset your system in the case of a malfunction.

restore points

Mac OS X includes a backup utility called ________.

Time Machine

If you want to automatically defragment your hard drive every week, you can set a predetermined time using the ________.

Task Scheduler

All computers do not need an operating system.


The user interface is part of a computer's operating system.


Boot Camp is a utility that allows you to run Windows and Mac OS X at the same time.


The most recent version of the Mac operating system is called Mac OS X.


You can download a version of Linux from the Internet for free.


Linux is an open source operating system that can be used both on personal computers and as a networking operating system.


Linux does not have a default user interface.


The type of processor in the computer dictates which operating system a desktop uses.


The combination of a computer's operating system and application software is referred to as the computer's platform.


A common-driven-interface is one in which you enter commands to communicate with the computer system.


When virtual memory is in use, the condition of excessive paging is called swapping.


Windows 7 will run with 1 GB of RAM, but the system might be challenged by limited resources, especially with graphic-intensive programs.


When your computer runs out of RAM, the operating system borrows space from the CPU.


With the Plug and Play standard, adding hardware to your computer becomes easier.


Installing a device driver can sometimes cause system instability.


PnP stands for Plug and Play.


If you install a device that is not PnP, you will be prompted to install a driver.


CMOS is a special kind of memory that uses a great deal of power.


Tiles view is the most interactive view of a Windows folder.


Live Icons allow you to preview the actual contents of a specific file or folder from within a window without actually having to open the file.


When using Windows, you should create a restore point before installing new software.


You can use System Restore to restore your system's settings back to a specific date when everything was working properly.


The Windows Backup and Restore Utility allows you to make a duplicate copy of all the data on your hard drive.


A multiuser operating system is also described as a network operating system.


In Safe mode, only the essential devices of the system function.


Safe boot is a special diagnostic mode designed for troubleshooting errors that occur during the boot process.


The High Contrast accessibility feature allows you to select a color scheme setting in which you control the contrast between text and background.


A tiled window cannot be resized.


Moore's Law is a rule that predicts ________.

the pace at which CPUs improve

The CPU is connected to the system memory by the ________.

front side bus

Each of the following is a computer subsystem EXCEPT the:

data subsystem

Which of the following activities is carried out by the ALU?

completion of all arithmetic calculations

CPU speed, also called clock speed, is currently measured in ________.


The CPU consists of which two parts?

the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit

The control unit is one component of the ________.


The percentage of time your CPU is working is referred to as CPU ________.


Front side bus speed is measured in ________.


________ provides high-speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set has been finished.


Cache memory levels are determined by ________.

the chip's proximity to the CPU

The amount of RAM recommended for most systems today is measured in ________.


Kernel memory is ________.

RAM memory used by the operating system

All of the following are forms of RAM EXCEPT:


The small circuit boards that hold a series of RAM chips are called ________.

memory modules

The amount of RAM that is actually on the memory modules in your computer is the ________ memory.


On a Windows system, you can determine the amount of RAM by looking in the ________ window.

System Properties

When referring to hard drives, seek time and latency are the two factors that make up ________.

access time

When referring to hard drives, access time is measured in ________.


Which of the following statements is true about optical media?

A Blu-ray burner will most likely burn both CDs and DVDs

Which is the fastest type of optical drive on the market?

Blu-ray drives

An expansion card that translates binary data into images is a(n) ________.

video card

A ________ performs the same kind of computational work that a CPU performs but is specialized to handle 3-D graphics and image and video processing.


A video card is an expansion card installed inside your ________.

system unit

Two types of video memory are ________.


Windows 7 incorporates ________, which enables you to migrate files and settings from a Windows Vista system to a Windows 7 system via a network connection.

Windows Easy Transfer

Running the Disk Defragmenter utility will ________.

make the hard drive work more efficiently

Running the Disk Cleanup utility is a quick way to ________.

clear out unnecessary files

To make sure your computer performs reliably, you can do all of the following EXCEPT:

increase the front side bus speed

Which statement pertaining to system reliability is FALSE?

An accumulation of temporary internet files has no effect on your computer's overall performance

Which of the following is NOT a main characteristic associated with desktop computers as compared to notebooks?

A desktop computer is more expensive

Notebooks are often equipped with a(n) ________ slot that allows you to read flash memory cards such as CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, and Secure Digital cards.


All of the following are advantages of notebook computers EXCEPT:

you get more speed for a lower price

A(n) ________ uses the same kind of memory that flash drives use and have no spinning platters or motors.


________ is new technology that supports fast transfer rates of 10 Gb/s.


The number of bits the video card uses to represent each pixel on the monitor is called ________.

bit depth

Moore's Law predicts that the number of transistors inside a CPU will triple every 18 months.


Hard drives have been growing in storage capacity by about 50 percent each year.


The control unit coordinates the activities of all computer components except for the CPU itself.


The CPU is located on the motherboard.


The percentage of time that your CPU is working is referred to as processing time.


Notebook and desktop processors are basically the same and therefore interchangeable.


Level 1 cache memory always contains more storage area than Level 2 cache.


The use of multiple cores on one CPU chip allows the execution of two or more sets of instructions at the exact same time


Upgrading your CPU can increase how quickly data can move to or from the CPU.


Cache memory is a form of ROM.


Level 2 cache is slightly farther away from the CPU than Level 1 cache or on a separate chip.


RAM is nonvolatile storage.


Temporary data and instructions are not stored on the hard drive because it is faster to retrieve data from RAM.


RAM is your computer's permanent storage space for data that is entered from the keyboard.


A computer's memory subsystem is made up only of RAM.


RAM is stored directly on the CPU.


Accessing data from the hard drive to send to the CPU is faster than accessing data from RAM.


Every computer is designed with a maximum limit on the amount of RAM it can support.


Solid state drives have no platters or motors.


Hard drive access time is measured in milliseconds.


Hard drives have the largest capacity of any storage device.


A Blu-ray burner will most likely record both CDs and DVDs.


The amount of memory your video card needs depends on what you want to display on your monitor.


The video subsystem is made up of the video card and speakers.


Video cards often include their own RAM.


3D sound cards are bidirectional.


3D sound is the same as surround sound.


Upgrading your operating system to the newest version might help increase system reliability.


External hard drives are an ideal solution when you need more storage than a flash drive can provide.


Thunderbolt can carry three channels of information on the same connector.


Which of the following is NOT an example of a network node?

a mouse

A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected with ________ so that they can communicate with each other.

software and hardware

Each device connected to a network is called a(n) ________.


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of having computers networked?

monitoring for efficiency

Network architectures are classified according to ________.

the way they are controlled and the distance between their nodes

A network that has 10 or more nodes is usually configured as a ________.

client/server network

The most common type of home network is ________.

a peer-to-peer (P2P) network

Due to the expansion of media files on home computers, ________ options are now being marketed; however, they are not as full featured as their business-world counterparts.

home network server

A ________ is a network located in your home that is used to connect all of your digital devices.


Which of the following is NOT an example of a WAN?

LANs connected in a single building

Throughput, the actual speed of data transfer that is achieved in a network, is usually ________.

less than or equal to the data transfer rate

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