13 Types of Psychologists

Clinical Psychologist
Help people with psychological problems (anxiety or depression)
Counseling Psychologist
Interviews and tests to identify client's problems
School Psychologist
Help students who have learning problems
Educational Psychologist
Help with course planning, instructional methods and tests
Developmental Psychologist
Studies changes in a person's life span
Personality Psychologist
Identify characteristics, or traits that people have
Social Psychologist
Study people's behavior in social situations
Experimental Psychologist
Conduct research, exploring biological research
Idustrial & Organizatoinal Psychologist
Behavoir of people in the work field
Enviornmental Psychologist
Ways people influence and are influenced by the enviornment
Consumer Psychologist
Study behavior of shoppers
Forensic Psychologist
Work within criminal justice system
Health Psychologist
Explain how behavior and mental process are related to physical health