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Clinical Psychologist

Help people with psychological problems (anxiety or depression)

Counseling Psychologist

Interviews and tests to identify client's problems

School Psychologist

Help students who have learning problems

Educational Psychologist

Help with course planning, instructional methods and tests

Developmental Psychologist

Studies changes in a person's life span

Personality Psychologist

Identify characteristics, or traits that people have

Social Psychologist

Study people's behavior in social situations

Experimental Psychologist

Conduct research, exploring biological research

Idustrial & Organizatoinal Psychologist

Behavoir of people in the work field

Enviornmental Psychologist

Ways people influence and are influenced by the enviornment

Consumer Psychologist

Study behavior of shoppers

Forensic Psychologist

Work within criminal justice system

Health Psychologist

Explain how behavior and mental process are related to physical health

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