Warder Lesson 11

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pacchimalast, western (adjective)pahūtamuch, many (adjective)piyadear (adjective)phītaprosperous (adjective)vāmaleft (adjective)sassataeternal (adjective)sukaraeasy (adjective)sukhahappy (adjective)jāyatihe is born (verb)ādiyatihe takes (verb)āpajjatihe acquires, he produces, he gets, he has (verb)uppajjatiit happens, it arises, it becomes (verb)upapajjatihe transmigrates, he is reborn (verb)upasampajjatihe enters into (verb)nipajjatihe lies down (verb)paṭipajjatihe engages in, he follows, he practices, he behaves (verb)vimuccatihe is freed (verb)nirujjhatiit stops, it ceases (verb)vijjatiit is, it occurs, it is found (verb)chinnacut off (past participle) (verb)dinnagiven (past participle) (verb)āpannapossessing, having (past participle) (verb)uppannahappened, arisen (past participle) (verb)upapannatransmigrated, reborn, arisen, come into existence (past participle) (verb)paṭipannapractising, following, engaged (past participle) (verb)sampannahaving, endowed with (past participle) (verb)bhinnadivided, split (past participle) (verb)nisinnaseated (past participle) (verb)hīnadiminished, eliminated (past participle) (verb)agamāsihe went (past) (verb)agamaṃsuthey went (past) (verb)agamāyou went (past) (verb)agamitthayou went (pl.) (past) (verb)agamāsiṃI went (past) (verb)agamamhāwe went (past) (verb)addasāhe / you saw (past) (verb)addasaṃsuthey saw (past) (verb)addasāṃI saw (past) (verb)addasathayou saw (pl.) (past) (verb)addasāmawe saw (past) (verb)abbhukkiratihe sprinkles (verb)cutafallen, passed away (past participle) (verb)vipariṇatachanged (past participle) (verb)ābādhoillness (noun M)kārakodoer (noun M)rukkhotree (noun M)saṃvarorestraint (noun M)cakkaṃwheel (noun M)disādirection (noun M)pāmujjaṃjoy (noun M)āvusoSir ! (polite address between equals, also to juniors) (indeclinable)idhahere, in this connection (indeclinable)kuto panawhence then? (rhetorical question), much less, let alone (indeclinable)tatothence, then, from there, from that (indeclinable)micchāwrongly, badly (indeclinable)sammārightly, perfectly (indeclinable)chijjatihe cuts (down) (verb)bhiṅkārovase, ceremonial water vessel (noun M)samaññādesignation, agreed usage (noun M)