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Lesson 3 Key Words


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pandemonium n.
panacea n.
A cure-all for diseases or troubles.
omnipotent adj.
Having unlimited power; all-powerful.
omnipresent adj.
Present everywhere.
omnivorous adj.
1. Feeding on both plants and meat.

2. Devouring everything, especially intellectually.
catholic adj.
1. Universal; including most things.

2. (when capitalized) Referring to the Roman Catholic Church.
holocaust n.
1. A great destruction, especially by fire.

2. (when capitalized) Murder by the Nazis of over six million Jewish people and millions of other people in World War II.
totalitarian adj.
Referring to a form of government in which one person or party holds absolute control.

As a noun: totalitarianism
As a noun, 1: A covered walk along the inside walls of a building, usually looking out on a courtyard.

As a noun, 2: A monastery of similar place of religious seclusion.

As a verb: To seclude as in a monastery.
preclude v.
To prevent; to make impossible
recluse n.
A person who avoids mixing with people.