Western Civilization Test #3

What was the innovation in the High Middle Ages that changed the way farming was done?
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What is the census that King William took known as?"The Doomsday Book"How does Henry I die?"Hunting accident"Who is known as the "Ultimate Power Couple of the Middle Ages" by Dr. Boggs?Henry II and Eleanor of AcquintaineWhat did Henry II want to do in regards to the Church?He felt that they had become too powerful so he wanted to: 1. Make the Church pay taxes to England (they only sent money to Rome) 2. He wants priests to be tried by English Courts not Roman CourtsWho does Henry II appoint as Bishop of Canterberry to make sure his bidding gets done? What happens to the guy?His friend Beckett; Beckett refuses to do what Henry wanted to get done to the Church so he is killed and replacedWhat was a very important legal thing that Henry II got done and what did it do?He establishes Common Law in England. This means that all the courts in England are to base their rulings off the same set of laws and everyone is to be held accountable.Richard the Lionheart ruled England for 17 years. Out of those years, how long was he in England for?9 monthsWhat does Richard the Lionheart do for England?He bankrupts England because he spent all of its money on fightingWhat king was forced by the nobles to sign the Magna Carta? What year?King John; 1215What King invades Wales and Scotland? What happens as a result of the failed attempt to invade Scotland?King Edward I; Parliament is set upHow does Phillip II double the size of the French empire?He attacks the peaceful people the Cathars and takes their landHow does Phillip II persuade his people to attack the peaceful Cathars?He says that they had been doing late term abortionsWhat is the period of Requisition? What years?Period when Spanish Catholics were fighting to take Spain and Portugal from the Muslims that had taken it; 1000-1492Who were the Tentonic Knights? What country did they find?Germanic soldiers who desired to go on the Crusades despite the fact they were coming to an end; West and East PrussiaWhat did the Peace of God legislation decree? Truce of God?Peace of God said to not kill pilgrims, clergy, or merchants on a business trips; Truce of God said to not kill anybody on the weekendsWhat famous structure was built around King Edward's tomb?Westminster AbbeyWhat was Henry II called? What did that mean?The Plategonet; "yellow flower"How large was the Mongol empire?It expanded from Japan to AustriaWhy were the Franciscans so popular?They embraced extreme poverty and lived with the impoverished helping themWhat were the Franciscans also called?"Little Flowers of Francis"What was the women group that was the equvilant of the Franciscans?Poor ClaresWhat did the Dominicans specialize in?They were teachers, preachers, and theologians at the churchesWhat did the Cistercians believe about people? What was their solution?That some had the devil in them and the only way to get it out was hard labor away from civilization, they would build their monasteries in swamps and cliff-sidesWho organized the 1st Crusader?Pope Urban IIWhen did the 1st Crusade begin?1095What was unique about the 1st Crusade?It was the only Crusade that accomplished its military goalsWhat were the two main goals of the Crusade?Create a path where Christians could make a pilgrimage from Europe to the Holy Land with protection, and to take Jerusalem from the MuslimsAfter the Christians took Jerusalem from the Muslims, who retakes it?SaladinWho preached the 2nd Crusade?Bernard of ClairvauxWho started the 3rd Crusade?King Richard the Lionheart and other kings