The Bill of Rights ( first 10 Amendments)

Mr. Bakers class
1st Amendment (RAPPS)
-Freedom of Religion
-Freedom of Assembly
-Freedom of Press
-Freedom of Petition
-Freedom of Speech
2nd Amendment
- Right to bear arms
3rd Amendment
-Right not to quater soldiers
4th Amendment
-Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures
5th Amendment
-Indictment by a grand jury
-No double jeopardy
-Right to remain silent (no self crimination)
-Due process of law must be followed for everyone
-Eminent domain
6th Amendment
-Guarantees a trial by jury (in criminal case)
-Guarantees a public and speedy trial
-The accused must be told the exact charge agianst them
-Right to a lawyer
7th Amendment
-Right to a jury trial in civil cases where the amount is more then $20 (later it was changed to 10,000)
8th Amendment
-No Excessive bail
-No cruel and unusual punishment
9th Amendment
-Citizens have rights beyond what in the constitution (example:privacy)
10th Amendment
-Any power not given to the national government are reserved for the states (reserved powers)