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Course of Abia - 20,000-24000 priests(literal descendants of Aaron) living in Zacharias' day.
2. There were 24 courses, quorums or families of these priests living in 13 towns near Jerusalem. This was established by David 1000 years earlier. Only 4 courses returned from Babylon but the rest had been reconstituted.
3. Each course(quorum) came, in rotation, to Jerusalem twice a year to officiate in the temple for one week and during festivals. (This was similar to local temple worker's assignments today) Duties of the priests were to offer morning and evening sacrifice, slaughter animals, keep fires in altars burning, keep candles burning etc.
4. The course of Abia(to which Zacharias belonged) came to Jerusalem in October and April.
5. During that assigned week the preists lived in Jerusalem and officiated in the temple. Their wives and children remained at home in their villages.
6. Zacharias and Elisabeth lived in Hebron approximately 20 miles south of Jerusalem.
7. Luke wanted the reader to know that both Zacharias and Elisabeth(John the Baptist's parents were of Aaron, the lineage of the priests.
8. During Jesus' time the determination of who held the priesthood was by lineage. It mattered very much who your father was. Today it is determined by worthiness only, with no regard to lineage.

Circumcised at 8 DAYS, not age 8.

PRIESTHOOD - at age 30 when he entered ministry - was set apart to receive keys at age 8 - from an angel. Received Keys from an Angel or translated being - Moses or Elijah

44 But I say unto you, aLove your benemies, cbless them that dcurse you, do egood to them that fhate you, and gpray for them which despitefully use you, and hpersecute you;

45 That ye amay be the bchildren of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth crain on the just and on the unjust.

Brigham Young - Christ never told a man or woman to love their enemies in their wickedness, never. He never intended any such thing; his language is left as it is for those to read who have the Spirit to discern between truth and error, it was so left for those who can discern the things of God. Jesus Christ never meant that we should love a wicked man in his wickedness.

Joseph F. Smith - I love them so much that if I had it in my power to annihilate them from the earth I would not harm a hair of their heads. I do not love them so that I would take them into my bosom, or invite them to associate with my family, or that I would give my daughters to their embraces, nor my sons to their counsels. I do not love them so well that I would invite them to the councils of the Priesthood, and the ordinances of the House of God, to scoff and jeer at sacred things which they do not understand, nor would I share with them the inheritance that God, my Father, has given me in Zion; I do not love them well enough for this, and I do not believe that GOd ever designed that I should; but I love them so much that I would not hurt them, I would do them good.