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visual elements

a good presentation makes use of _____ such as CHARTS, GRAPHICS, and PHOTOGRAPHS.


Visual elements keep the presentation ______ and help the audience focus on what the presenter is saying.


Microsoft Word extension


Rich Text Format extension


Plain Text Format extension (notepad)


HTML extension (webpage)

word or rich text format

When you import a ___ __ ____ ____ ___ into a presentation, PowerPoint creates an outline structure based on the styles in the document.

outline structure

When you import a word or rich text format into a presentation, PowerPoint creates an ____ ____ based on the styles in the document.

heading 1 style

A ____ _ ____ in word becomes a slide title.

heading 2 style

A ____ _ ____ becomes the first level of text in a bulleted list.

plaint text format

When you instert a ___ __ ____ document into a presentation, PPT creates an outline based on the tabs of the documents paragraphs.


When you instert a plain text format document into a presentation, PPT creates an outline based on the ____ of the documents paragraphs.

slide titles

(.txt) Documents without tabs become _____


(.txt) Paragraphs with on tab indent become ______ text in bulleted list

second level

(.txt) Paragraphs with two tabs become _____ text

Microsoft Clip Organizer

In Microsoft Office, clip art and other media files, including photographs, movies, and sounds are stored in a file index system called the ______ and are identified by DESCRIPTIVE KEY WORDS


Overusing clipart can make a presentation appear _____. Clip art should help deliver a point, not TAKE AWAY FROM INFORMATION.


pixels are small squires placed closely together


much smaller than pictures; too many pictures can make a file too large to e-mail or store on a disc

Clip Organizer

The ______ sorts the clip art into groups: MY COLLECTIONS, OFFICE COLLECTIONS, WEB COLLECTIONS

Microsoft Office Online Web

You may find additional clip arts on the web through ___________.


You can download ___ different types of pictures.


When a picture is cropped, it is ___ saved unless you change the setting.

text box

Use a ______ if you need additional text on a slide where the traditional placeholder does not place text efectively for your message.

text labels

used for small phrase where text DOESN'T AUTOMATICALLY WRAP to the next line inside the box

text labels

click the text box button, position the insertion point where you want to place the text, click once then enter text

word processing

used for a sentence or paragraph where the TEXT WRAPS INSIDE the boundaries of the box

word processing

click the text box button, then click and drag to create


can be the best way to communicate numerical information


graphical representation of numerical data


Every chart has a ____ that contains the numerical data displayed by the chart.


when a shirt is inserted, it is ____. This means that it is part of your presentation; however, its data source can be opened for editing purposes.

data source

Changes made to an embedded object in PPT do not affect the ____ for data (in Excel)


intersection of a row and column, referred to by row and column location

axis labels

cells in the first or left column identifies data in a row


cells in the first or top row, names that provides further information about the data

data series

each column and row of data in the worksheet (excel)

data series markers

graphical representation such as bars, columns or pie wedges (in the PP chart)

row headings

gray boxes with numbers across the left side of the worksheet

column headings

gray boxes with letters along the top of the worksheet

active cell

cell currently selected

correct information

After you insert a chart into your presention, you need to replace the sample date with the _______


If you have data in an Excel worksheet or another source, you can ____ it to excel.


As you enter data and make other changes in the Excel worksheet, the chart in PowerPoint automatically reflects the changes.

Switch Row/Column command

information is moved from the value or vertical axis to the column laels in legend. (only use this when excel is open)

rows and columns

tables show information in ______

tab key

To move from cell to cell in a table use the ____.

word art

a set of decorative text styles, or text effects, that you can apply to any text object.

contextual tab

additional tabs that appear when graphics, tables, charts, etc. art selected


track values over a time or across categories


track values over time


compare individuaal values to the whole


compare values in categories or over time

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