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sociology midterm

The tragic case of anna the isolated girl studied by kingsley davis shows that
w/o social experience a child is incapable of thought or meaningful action
what concept refers to the lifelong social experience by which human beengs develop theire potential and learn culture
when sociologist discuss the nature nurtue debate they claim that
nature and nurture have equal importance
the harlow experiments to discover the effects of social isolation on rhesus monkeys showed that
monkeys isolated for 6 months were fearful of their own kind
if you were to put together the lesson learned from the cases of anna isabelle and genie you would correctly conclude that
social experience plays a crucial part in forming human personality
our basic drives or needs as humans are reflected in frueds concept of
in freuds model which element of the personality reps a persons efforts to balance the demands of society and innate pleaser seeking drives
in freuds model whate reps the presence of culture within the individual
jean piagets focus was on
cognition: how people think and understand
according to piaget in what stage of human development do individuals experience the world only through sensory contact
piaget cakked the level of development at which individuals first use language and other cultural symbols the___ stage
the focus of lawrenece kohlbergs research was
moral reasoning
mead considered the self to be
that part of an individuals personality composed of self awareness and self image
mead pleaced the origin of the self in
social experience
according to mead social experiecne involves
the exchange of symbols
when cooley used the concept of looking glass self he meant to say that
people see themselves and they think others see them
according to med children learn to take the role of the other pas they model themselves on imp people in theire lives such as parents, mead refered to these people as
significant others
mead considered the generalized other to be
widespread cultural norms and values people take as their own
which of the following statements comes closest to describing erik h eriksons view of socialization
personality develops over the entire life course in patterned stages
critics of eriksons theory of personaltiy development point out that
not everyone confronts the stages in the xact order given by erikson. failing to meet the chalenge of one stage of development may not mean failign at later challenges.this process may unfold differently in other times and places
thnkng bout how patters of child-rearing vary by class, lower-class parents usally stress___ while well to do parents typically stress ___
the special contribution of schooling to the socialization process includes
exposing the child to a bureaucratic setting
in historical perspective the power of the mass media in the socialation process has i
increased over time
on avg a us household has at least one televison turned on for
7 hours a day
what is the term sociologist give to category of people with common characteristic, usually their age
which of the followin concepts refers to a setting where a staff tries to radically change someones personality through carefully controlling the environemtn
a total instituion
according to goffman the goal of a total instituion is
to radically alter a persons personality or behavior
which is not correct about total inst
staff members encourage individual growth and creativity
what best sums up goffmans idea of the resocialization process
erode an old identity then build up a new identity