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incomplete dominance

When the alleles for a gene are both expressed at the same time, we refer to this type of inheritance as

several (multiple)

The number of alleles/genes is (can be)


All "normal" humans have __________ chromosomes of each and every type.


A man with type A blood marries a woman with type A blood. What are the chances of them having a child with type AB blood?

dihybrid cross

In which kind of cross would you expect to find 9/3/3/1 ration in the F2 offspring?


Two individuals are "crossed": Aa X Aa. The recessive phenotype would be found in __________% of the offspring.


A man with type A blood marries a woman with type O blood. ALL the children have type O blood. Is this possible?

girl, type O blood

A man with type AB blood marries a woman the type O blood. They have 2 children and adopt a 3rd. Which child is adopted?


Dominant alleles are ALWAYS expressed.


Galactosemia is a genetic disorder involving the inability to metabolize the sugar galactose. The disease (the phenotype) is "recessive", if one parent is a "carrier" (Aa) and the other is normal (AA), what are the chances of them have a galactosemic child?


In a dihybrid cross between 2 individuals both heterozygous for 2 traits carried on non-homologous chromosomes (AaBb X AaBb), what are the chances of having a homozygous recessive in the progeny?


A 3/1 ratio in the F2 generation is a __________ ratio.

approx. 25 thousand

The human genome is composed of approximately __________genes.


Biologically, cancer is uncontrolled __________.

nuclear pores

RNA molecules leave the nucleus via the _______.

all of the above

DNA replication requires


Which type of nucleic acid is not found in both the cytoplasm and the nucleus?

DNA template

The process of translation does not require


The UV used in tanning boots is not carcinogenic

Tay-Sachs Disease

Which genetic disorder is a "lysosomal disease"?


In human genetics, X-linked recessive traits are always expressed in males. This means the defective gene is carried on the Y chromosome.


A galactosemic individual cannot metabolize __________ normally.

Huntington's Disease

Which genetic disorder is characterized by late on-set (appears later in life) of the symptoms?


The defective gene that causes Hemophilia A is carried on an autosome (somatic chromosome).


Thymine-Thymine dimmers form by exposing DNA to UV light.


In a trihybrid cross (AaBbTt X AaBbTt), how many individuals would you predict would be homozygous dominant for all three traits?

yes, definitely

A Jewish man and woman, fall in love, get married and are thinking about having children. Tay-Sachs Disease is known in the man's family and is unknown in the woman's family. Do they have to be concerned about having a Tay-Sachs child?


Eye color in humans is controlled by a single gene, with two alleles.


Susceptibility to skin cancer is directly related to the complexion type, i.e. light skinned individuals have a lower risk than darker skinned individuals.

all of the above

Genes are __________.


Test crosses are required to determine the genotype of homozygous recessive individuals.

always expressed.

If present, dominant alleles are

thin-layer chromatography

Which technique can be used to separate the components of a complex mixture of relatively small organic molecules from each other?


Which technique is used to separate proteins from each other on basis of molecular mass?


In the electrophoresis exercise, the protein profiles (i.e., the number of proteins detected and their respective masses) of the red and yellow shelled glyptodonts were the same.


Prokaryotic cells have a cell wall constructed out of __________.


Cytoplasmic DNA is a feature of __________ cells.

a plasma membrane

All cells possess __________.


Plant cells have chloroplasts and mitochondria.


Which structure is found only in animal cells?

each parent has a recessive allele for shell color

If two red-shelled glyptodonts have a yellow shelled offspring, __________.


In glyptodonts, shell color is an inherited trait


When two yellow-shelled glyptodonts mate, their offspring will always have yellow shells.


In glyptodonts, shell color is under control of __________ gene


In glyptodonts, the gene controlling shell has __________ alleles


Based on the results of your chromatography experiments, does the gray pigment appear to be under control of the gene for shell color?


Recessive alleles are always expressed


Red shelled glyptodonts are always homozygous dominant for shell color.


81. What is the probability of two yellow shelled glyptodonts having a red-shelled offspring


How many cells are produced from a single cell after 5 mitotic divisions


Centrioles are only found in plant cells


During which stage of mitosis does the nucleolus disappear?


During which stage of mitosis does the nuclear envelope begin to re-appear?


Chromatin is a feature of __________ nucleus.


How many phases are in the eukaryotic cell cycle?


During which phase of the cell cycle is the nucleus actually dividing?


During which phase of the cell cycle are chromosomes being copied?


In general, neurons are locked into G1


Cytokinesis is always tied to the division of the nucleus


Meiosis produces __________ haploid nuclei

Prophase I

Crossing over occurs during __________.

Anaphase II

During meiosis, the centromeres divide as the cell moves into __________.


Meiosis reduces chromosome the number by __________.

Prophase I

Homologous chromosomes pair during __________.

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