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the term___ refers to people who interact in a defined territory and share culture


lenski claimed that which of the following has the greatest power to shape societ


accordind to lenski the term sociocultural eveolution refers to

chnges that occur as a society acquires new tech

which of the following would lenski expecially highlight as bringing about change in society


today hunting and gathering societies

are close to dissapering from world

in hunting and gathering soceities

men hunt anaimals while women gether vegetation

horticultural societes are those in which

people use simple hadntols to raise crops

assume your are studying a soceitry that has just invented cities has increasing greater specialization


compared to an industrial soceity according to marx is

social conflict between class

marx described the widespread beliefs that supported the capitalist economic system as

false conciousness

compared to an industrial society a pose indus is based on

and information based economy

mar called those who own and operte factories and other businesses isn pursuit of profits


as the plight of workers became worse marx prefeicted that they would

rise up agaisnt capitalist system

to compare societies at different times in history weber used the term

ideal types

lenski called the indus rev abd marx cakked tge capitalist society

rational socieity

how djd weber describe traditional societies

people pas the same beliefs from gen to the next

according to weber early calvinists were

deeply religous and highly disciplines

durkheim described cultural norms values and beliefs as the __

social facts

which of the following might be a question durkheim would ask about the terrorist attack on 9/11

how might attacks increase bureaucracy and power of govt

durkheims claimed that societies change as ____gives way to ______

mech solidarity; organic solidarity

what concept did durkheim use to refer to social bonds which are stroung among memebers o f industrial society and are based on specialization and mutal independance

organic society

durkheim explained that organic society is based on

specialization and interdependance

who might you thinkg woudl behaving a convo about the right question of what holds sociery together


whom might have a convo of how society is divided


if a socio were speaking about class conflict as engine of history who would say this


first type of society to generate a material surplus

horitcultural and pastoral

marx believed that the ndustrial capitalist system was

very productive, concentrating wealth in the hands of few, giving rise to two classes

marx argured that dominiant social instituon is


weber traced the origins of the capitalist economy in europe to

the protestant reformation

concept used by durkheim to name a condition in which society provieds little guidance to people


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