Why did Calpurnia's church collect ten dollars?
To help Tom Robinson's wife and children, since no one
would hire her and she had no money
Besides the fact that Aunt Alexandra once lived in Maycomb and she knows everyone,
What does she do to fit in so well in Maycomb?
She is a gossip, hosts the Missionary Society teas, knows
everything about everyone, and acts like an authority in
the town
Why did Aunt Alexandra make Atticus have a serious talk with the children? What was
the talk about?
She wanted him to teach the children about their family,
and that they have a standard to uphold because being in
a Finch, they must behave a certain way
What did Dill claim was the reason he ran away from home? What was the real reason?
he claimed they beat him and chained him in the
basement; he was bored and felt ignored
What did the men of Maycomb want to do to Tom Robinson? How did Atticus help
protect Tom?
kill or at least seriously hurt him; he sat with him at the jail
Why did the men finally leave the jailhouse? Explain the events that took place
Scout recognized Mr. Cunningham, and addressed him by
name. This made the men feel "human" rather than like a
nameless, faceless, irresponsible mob, and they decided
to leave.
Why is Jem so "inconsistent and moody"?
2. Why wasn't Dill able to come to Maycomb this summer?
3. Describe Calpurnia's church. How did the church get its name?
4. How do the people at Cal's church treat the children?
5. Why doesn't the church have hymn books?
6. Why is the church collecting ten dollars?
7. Of what is Tom Robinson accused? Why won't anyone hire his wife?
8. Who is Zeebo? What does he do at the church?
9. How does Scout feel Calpurnia is different at her own church?
Chapter 13
1. Why has Aunt Alexandra come to Maycomb?
2. Describe Aunt Alexandra. Besides the fact that she once lived in Maycomb and she
knows everyone, why does she fit in so well in Maycomb?
3. Give a brief description of how Maycomb was established. Why are so many people
related to each other in some way?
4. Describe the premise of the "talk" Aunt Alexandra makes Atticus have with the children.
According to Scout, why does the talk fail?
5. What does this conversation between Atticus and the children reveal about their
relationship as a family?
He is going through puberty.
2. He was adopted and was staying in Meridian to help build
a boat with his new father.
3. all black, poor, no hymnals, the only church with a steeple
and bell; called "First Purchase" because it was paid for
with the first earnings of freed slaves
4. most are welcoming, although they look at the children as
outsiders; Lula is rude and unwelcoming to them
5. they can't afford them, and even if they could, most of the
church-goers can't read
6. to raise money to help out Tom's wife and children, since
no one will hire her because of the scandal
7. raping a white woman; no one wants to take the risk and
hire her
8. Calpurnia's eldest son; he leads the singing—feeds the
lines to the congregation, since there are no hymnals
9. she talks like the other colored folks
Chapter 13
1. to take care of the kids while Atticus is busy with the case
2. She has her own ideas, she fits in well with the people of
Maycomb because she follows their ways. She is a
prominent female figure in the community and a gossip.
She holds Missionary teas; she knows all about the history
of the people of the town and their secrets which seems to
be an asset in Maycomb. Scout feels she is cold and
distant; Aunt Alexandra does not believe that the children
are being raised correctly-—they need a mother or a
proper woman figure to teach them
3. Maycomb is ancient; twenty miles east of Finch's Landing;
Sinkfield built a tavern at the point where two pig trails
meet, where he served and supplied both Indians and
settlers; he convinced the Governor that his tavern was
exactly in the middle of the state, where they set up
Maycomb; everyone is related to everyone else because
getting anywhere else was too much work; also few
people came into Maycomb, so there was a lot of intermarriage and inbreeding.
4. about their background, their family history; "they are not
run of the mill people"; according to Scout, Atticus was not
successful because it takes a woman to have that talk.
5. Answers will vary. It indicates the respect the children
have for Atticus; it also shows that maybe the children do
need a mother-figure, since he doesn't do well talking to
the kids about certain things
1. How do the people of Maycomb begin to treat Atticus and the children?
2. What is the premise of the argument between Atticus and Aunt Alexandra? What
does Aunt Alexandra suggest? What is Atticus's response?
3. Where does Scout find Dill?
4. What does Dill claim is the reason he ran away from home? What is the real
Chapter 15
1. Why do the men come to talk to Atticus at his house?
2. Jem says he's "just got this feeling." What do you think he is worried about?
3. Why do you think all the lights were off at the jailhouse except the one lamp Atticus
brought from home?
4. Why is Atticus sitting in the jailhouse?
5. How do the men know that Mr. Tate won't be coming to help Atticus?
6. Why do the men tell Atticus to leave? What do they want to do to Tom?
7. Who does Scout recognize? Why do the men finally leave?
8. Who was "covering" Atticus the whole time?
9. How does Atticus show his affection towards Jem?
1. like outsiders; as if they are turning against the rest of their
"own"; they are called names constantly
2. Aunt Alexandra wants to fire Calpurnia; she feels she is
not a good influence on the kids; Atticus refuses
3. under her bed; she thought it was a snake at first
4. He says he was kept in chains and locked in the basement
without food; they ignored him
Chapter 15
1. They come to tell him Tom is being moved; they are
worried about Tom's safety
2. that someone is going to hurt Atticus
3. Atticus was probably trying to keep it as dark as possible
so that people would think no one was there and not come
by to start trouble.
4. to protect Tom from being harmed by the Old Sarum boys
5. they sent Tate on a snipe hunt (a false errand)
6. so they can get at Tom; they want to hurt or kill him
7. Mr. Cunningham; Scout recognizes and talks to him,
"humanizing" him
8. Mr. Underwood
9. he pats (massages) him on the head