Presidential Cabinet Departments

15 Executive Departments are members of the cabinet.

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Department of State
Plans and carries out the nations foriegn policies
Department of the Treasury
Collects, borrows, spends, and prints money
Department of Defense
Manages the armed forces
Department of Justice
Has responsibility for all aspects of law enforcement
Department of the Interior
Manages and protects the nations public lands and natural resources
Department of Agriculture
Assists farmers and consumers of farm products
Department of Commerce
Supervises trade, promotes US tourism and business
Department of Labor
Concerned with the working conditions and wages of US workers
Department of Health and Human Services
Work for the health and well being of all Americans
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Deals with the special needs and problems of cities
Department of Transportation
Manages the nations highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic
Department of Energy
Directs an overall energy plan for the nation
Department of Education
Provides advice and funding for schools
Department of Veterans Affairs
Directs services for veterans
Department of Homeland Security
Oversees America's defenses against terrorist attack