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USAF Security Forces QC Weapons Knowledge (M-4 Carbine & M-9 Pistol)

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What caliber is the M4 carbine?
5.56 NATO
What is the caliber of the M9 pistol?
9 X 9mm (9mm NATO)
What is the correct description of the M4 carbine?
Lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, shoulder fired weapon
What is the correct description of the M9 pistol?
Magazine fed, semiautomatic, recoil operated, double action pistol
What is the maximum effective range of the M9 pistol?
50 meters
What is the maximum effective range with the M4 carbine on a point target?
500 meters
What is the maximum range of the M9 pistol?
1800 meters
What is the maximum effective range with the M4 carbine on an area target?
600 meters
In a hot, dry (desert) climate, what must be continually cleaned from the weapon to prevent stoppage?
sand, fine dust
What types of sights are affixed to the M9 pistol?
blade front sight & notched bar rear sight
What is true about the characteristics of the M68 Close Combat Optic?
it does not require the red aiming dot to be aligned in the center of the scope
What lubricant(s) are authorized for use on the M9 pistal when the temperature is 10*F and above?
What 3 types of lubricant are authorized for use on the M4 carbine?
During cleaning and inspection of the M4 carbine, what items should you check on the barrrel assembly?
compensator looseness, front sight post not bent, gas tube not bent or cracked
When conducting preventative maintenance and performance checks on the M9 pistol, where should the operator closely check for cracks?
Locking block
What three safety features are incorporated in the design of the M9 pistol?
Decocking/Safety lever, Firing Pin Block & Hammer Half-Cock
What are the proper steps to clear the M4 carbine?
Place selector lever of "safe" if possible, remove magazine, lock blot to the rear, check chamber, ensure selector lever is on "safe"
When carrying the M4 carbine, what safety rule(s) apply?
Treat all weapons as if they were loaded, Never point the weapon at anything you are not willing to shoot, Positively identify your target, know what is behind your target (back drop), Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on targer
What are the proper loading procedures for the M4 carbine for duty?
Verify weapon is clear, safety on "safe', close bolt, close eject port cover, squeeze trigger (hammer should not fall), insert magazine (if authorized), ensure safety on "safe"
What safety feature blocks movement of the firing pin until the trigger is pulled?
Firing Pin Block
What are the steps to applying "immediate action" to the M4 carbine?
Slap upward on bottom of the magazine, pull charging handle to the rear, observe for ejection of round or empty casing, ensure chanmber is clear, release charging handle, tap forward assist, squeeze trigger (SPORTS)
What are the immediate action procedures if the M9 pistol fails to fire with the slide forward?
Ensure decking/safety lever is on "fire", seat magazine, rack the slide and attempt to fire the weapon
What are the proper steps for applying "remedial action" to the M4 carbine with a "failure to feed"?
Clear weapon, remove jammed rounds, reload and attempt to fire
What is the definition of a cook-off?
When a round self-detonates from heat buildup in a weapon's chamber
What is the cycle of operations for the M-4?
Feeding, Chambering, Locking, Firing, Unlocking, Extracting, Ejecting, Cocking...
What is the M9 pistol's system of operation?
Short recoil system utilizing a falling locking block
What two modes of fire does the M9 pistol incorporate?
Double and Single action
What mode of fire is the M9 pistol in when the hammer is fully forward?
Double action
What additional function does the extractor perform?
Loaded chamber indicator
How are the magazine and pouch positioned to promote smooth and rapid reloading of the weapon?
Pouch located on opposite side (hip) of holster, directly in line with or below the shoulder with the bottom of the magazine up and bullets facing forward
What type of locking system does the M9 pistol have?
falling locking block
What is the magazine capacity of the M9 pistol?
15 staggered box
Which M9 pistol part can be changed to accomodate either right or left handed operators?
Magazine release button
When assuming an over-barricade position with the M9 pistol, what should the operator rest on the barricade?
forearms or heals of hands
What is the length of the M9 pistol?
8.54 inches
What is the width of the M9 pistol?
1.5 inches
What is the height of the M9 pistol?
5.51 inches
What is the barrel length of the M9 pistol?
4.92 inches
What is the weight of the M9 pistol with a full magazine?
41 ounces
If after applying "Immediate Action" to your M4 carbine, it still fails to fire, what action should be taken?
Apply "Remedial Action" procedures
What is the definition of a "cook-off"?
When a round self detonates from heat buildup in a weapons chamber
While applying Immediate Action you observe a round in the chamber of your m4 carbine and you suspect the weapon is hot enough to cause a cook-off, what action should you take?
Keep your face away from the ejection port and moremove the round fast. If you can not remove the round within 10 seconds. remove the magazine and let the weapon cool for 15 minutes.
What is the maximum effective rate of fire on"SEMI" for the M4 carbine?
45 rounds per minute
What is the maximum effective rate of fire on"BURST" for the M4 carbine?
90 rounds per minute
What is the cyclic rate of the M4 carbine?
700-900 rounds per minute
What is the sustained rate of fire for the M4 carbine?
12-15 rounds per minute
What is the maximum range of the M4 carbine?
3600 meters