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High inflation rates. Spending money as fast as they received it. Money lacks....


Another name for a checking account is...

demand deposit

The Fed. Reserve System was established to...

regulate the banking industry

Finance a business through the same financial institution that they own and only the are allowed to join, it is a....

credit union

A non-banking institution that buys and sells stocks for customers is a...

brokerage firm

Which of the following reduces the costs of handling bank transactions and are found in banks, airports..?

automated telling machines

Finance companies...

typically function as the lender of last resort for individuals and businesses with poor credit ratings or whose other lines of credit have been exhausted

Cash, investments, accounts receivable, and inventory are also known as....

current assets

The goal of financial managers who focus on currents assets is to....

maximize returns on short-term assets

When banks repossess trucks from Dan, the trucks are....


The most widely used source of short-term financing is....

trade credit

Borrow $100,000. Pays back $120,000. The $100,000 represents....


The amount of money budgeted for the purchase of long-term assets is called the....

capital budget

Which of the following is an example of a long-term liability?


The last in line for the payment of profits are the....

common stockholders

Stockholders who may receive dividends but cannot vote are called....

preferred stockholders

The only long-term funds that a company can generate internally are...

retained earnings

One aspect of financial management involves managing cash flow for a business on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis


A lockbox is a technique for getting cash into a business's account faster.


Commercial paper is issued by large companies and backed by collateral


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