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Planning, Management and Leadership for Health IT (version 3)(Oct 25, 2012-Jan 17, 2013)
Which leadership style in the managerial grid reflects impoverished leadership?
1 (production), 1 (people) leadership
Blake and Mouton developed a two-dimensional view of leadership style that identifies various leadership positions with regard to their "concern for people" and their "concern for production." This theory is called the
managerial grid.
Employee-centered leaders have all but which of the following traits?
Need to be seen as "in charge"
Which leader on the Blake and Mouton's Managerial Grid is considered the "perfect politician"?
Middle of the Road Leader
The type of leader who is focused on task accomplishment and good relations between the leader and followers through consideration of performance and reward is called a
transactional leader.
Transformational leaders tend to focus on all of the following EXCEPT
measuring performance of staff.
One way transformational leaders influence their subordinates is by being
Charismatic leaders are characterized by all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
high levels of stress.
Servant leadership is an approach to leading people that begins with
a vision that brings out passion in the leader and commitment in those who follow.
The following statement best describes the result of which leadership theory?"Workers are content to remain at the same salary level in order to build an innovative, collaborative educational facility that benefits children orphaned by a tornado disaster."
Which set of methods typify the visionary leadership theory?
Educating team members about available technology, personnel, and resources to aid them in achieving organizational goals
Which is the primary factor determining a leader's ability to guide followers in stressful conditions?
Leadership Values
Which is the common attitude in health care that guides leadership theory?
Follow predictable processes and proven workflow to produce reliable services
Which of the following statements best defines leadership?
Leadership is a means of promoting change to accomplish desired outcomes for a specific environment
Managers do all of the following EXCEPT
set direction.
Leaders and followers have a higher degree of collaboration during which part of a project?
Middle of Project
Grayson and Speckhart believe which of the following about leaders and followers?
Getting to know the "Number Two" leader is important
Alignment of leaders and followers is important because
most projects have a lot at stake and alignment is crucial to decision making.
Leaders do all of the following EXCEPT
cope with complexity.
Projects can be managed differently according to the environment of an organization. Which one of the following is NOT an environment described by the Project Management Institute (PMI)?
In a functional organizational environment, who is typically in charge?
Department Manager
In a projectized organizational environment, who is typically in charge?
Project Manager
In a matrixed organization, authority for projects is shared between
the Functional Manager and Project Manager.
Which of the following is not a category of a matrixed organization?
Which reason describes why today's leaders cannot "expect" followership?
Which option is not a requirement for a HIT implementation manager?
Use the same project management style to ensure consistent outcomes
Which option provides items like the schedule of vendor resources, a list of project resources, and their roles and responsibilities?
Which statement represents positive aspects of temporary leadership in HIT implementation?
Quickened insight to an organization's operational structure
Which set describes the three key factors for an Implementation Manager's success?
Stimulate positive attitudes, communicate circumspectly, and clarify authority roles
In the context of leadership, authority can be defined as
the right to use power legitimately.
Authority belongs to a role that is
Ethnic, racial and religious groups are referred to as
In order for an organization to foster creativity, it must
encourage creativity at all levels of the organization.
Self-awareness, one of the four competencies of social intelligence, includes all of the following traits EXCEPT
being prone to outbursts of anger or frustration.
Being able to sense and perceive emotions other than one's own means that one
is socially aware.
A leader with good sense of self-management will have all but which of the following characteristics?
Which analogy best describes an expert versus a recognized authority?
Surgeon: Hospital CEO
When looking for compliance from their followers, which of the following can help leaders be better motivators?
Intrinsic motivation is doing something because
it's the right thing to do.
Leaders in healthcare IT have become more successful in recent years for all but which of the following reasons?
They realized that there is a technological solution to every problem.
Soft skills of effective IT leaders include all of the following except:
Being nice
People who are new to leadership positions should try to remember all but which of the following challenges?
Trust has been conferred upon you since you are in a leadership position.
The effective healthcare IT leader persuades personnel to make decisions based on :
Which option requires a change in the current infrastructure and personnel of most health systems?
Cloud-based software programs
A leader who hires diverse people, especially those who have more specialized skills than herself, and overachieving internal employees is an/a
Effective Leader
Which option best defines the phrase, "Managing the agile world"?
Using policy and procedure whenever possible, but sometimes managing with broader general principles
Leaders who are good motivators are adept at all but which of the following skills?
Taking recognition for team success
An ineffective leader has difficulty making decisions or taking any action without all the information he or she needs. This is called
Bias against action
When we are under stress, our brain releases which chemical as a response?
IT Governance Structures are important because
they define roles and responsibilities at every level of the organization.
Taking a "Best of Breed" approach to technology purchase and adoption can be defined as:
Selecting the top of the line system for each department.
A single system or "integrated" system refers to
A system where one vendor supplies most or all of the organizational applications.
The difference between a tactical plan and a strategic plan is:
The internal information systems assessment include all but which of the following?
Current organizational mode
Response to Medicaid and Medicare incentives is largely determined during which phase of the Strategic Planning Process?
Business Objectives/Strategy Alignment
In regards to the role of a HIT Implementation manager, which is NOT a benefit of studying the organization's Information Technology Strategic Plan?
The IT lifecycle is important because
it helps support organizational goals.
The Strategic Information Systems Plan (IT Plan. is a corporate document based on all of the following EXCEPT
technology projections.
In IT terms, when a system becomes obsolete or needs to be replaced, it's said to be:
The goal of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) is to
promote exchange of data within and across organizations
The intended outcome of the HIE Program is to
Increase the quality and efficiency of care.
All of the following are requirements for HIE's EXCEPT:
A financial model that relies on continued grant funding.
Of the following questions, which is not an appropriate one to ask regarding how HIEs will affect our own health systems?
Are we required to participate in the HIE?
Currently, most Health Information Exchange programs are primarily funded by:
Federal grants to state initiated programs
The role of a healthcare organization's IT manager in regards to participation in a Health Information Exchange includes all EXCEPT:
Overseeing maintenance of state designated HIE entities
Benefits of Health Information Exchange include all EXCEPT:
Short term positive return on investments
Which option is a requirement for successful participation with an HIE program?
Alignment with safety and privacy regulations
According to the lecture, which legal issue concerning Health Information Exchange is most significant to public health?
Controlled use of data collected
All of the following are domains of success for HIEs EXCEPT:
Clinical management
The use of teams is a means by which organizations can become "flatter." Which of the following is an explanation of this phenomenon?
Teams eliminate the use of middle management and give more power to an organization's employees.
According to the lecture, which of the following is NOT a benefit of teams in the healthcare environment?
Reducing marketing costs for resource recruitment
According to the lecture, which option represents the key difference between teams and groups?
The accountability and production of individuals and the collective body
According to the lecture, the following scenario describes which stage of Wheelan's 4-Stage Model of Team Development? The team has had difficulty meeting at the appointed times and several meetings have started with discussions on the agreed goal of the team. Counterproductive emails have circulated among team members. The team leader plans to review procedures for expressing opposing opinions and conduct a survey on the pros and cons of the project's progress.
Stage 2 - Counter-dependency
Documentation is essential in all EXCEPT:
Creating a positive atmosphere
Manager Margaret is having problems with "he said, she said" statements within her team. The team has changed their work goals three times and now roles are misunderstood. Which option would most likely have prevented Manager Margaret's problems?
Documenting all communications pertinent to the project's progress
The implementation manager, Joe, has been given funds to offer training to his team members. In view of the requirements of developing successful team characteristics, which training course should he select for his team?
Course #3 Interpersonal Communications
According to the lecture, which of the following explains healthcare workers' disadvantage in regards to effective HIT teamwork production?
Most healthcare workers are not trained, socialized or accustomed to being a team player
Deterrents to successful teamwork include all EXCEPT:
According to the lecture, which option best defines GroupThink?
Restricting conflicting ideas that result in minimized teamwork
According to the lecture, the benefits of virtual teams include all EXCEPT:
Virtual teams track transcripts and communications in a superior manner compared to face-to-face meetings.
Which is the overall long-term result of "team player" characteristics within a team?
Trust and commitment to the team's projected goals
According to the lecture, the ability to meet the team's performance potential is directly correlated to which of the following options?
Communication of the value and criticalness of the team's work
Giving the team fresh facts and data related to their project produces which of the following results?
Improvement in work processes and goal clarification
According to the lecture, which of the following team building skills is often perceived as unnecessary?
Spending lots of casual and informal time together
According to the lecture, which of the following best defines conflict?
A perceived disagreement due to do social interaction resulting in uncooperativeness
Kinder Hospital's senior executive team regularly participates in conflict management training to develop leaders who use conflict to bring about cutting-edge services and marketing tactics. This demonstrates historical view of conflict?
According to the lecture which of the following is most likely to be categorized as a dysfunctional form of conflict?
Relationship conflict
Which of Thomas and Kilmann's conflict handling styles is most appropriate during an emergency situation?
Mr. Muscle, a member of the implementation team, will not respond to requests from the implementation manager, forcing her to go to Mr. Muscle's department manager in order to obtain necessary information. Mr. Muscle is displaying which of Thomas and Kilmann's conflict handling styles?
Which of Thomas and Kilmann's conflict handling styles may serve to maintain long-term relationships but could lead to unfair outcomes for those represented by the negotiator?
According to the lecture, which of the following options best describes cooperativeness?
Conducting surveys, meetings, and follow-up visits to improve participants' satisfaction
According to the lecture, what percentage most likely represents the HIT professional's time spent working on minor disagreements and misunderstandings?
According to the lecture, techniques to promote functional conflict include all of the following EXCEPT:
Actively listening to leaders who understand the desire of the majority
According to the lecture, the benefits of positive conflict include all EXCEPT:
Reduction of group cohesiveness
In Overcautious Community, Oklahoma there has been a recent outbreak of an infectious disease which is spreading rapidly. Subsequently, there is more public demand for a software system which provides speedy results for lab tests. This scenario best demonstrates which of the following factors in the process of purchasing HIT systems?
The CIO of a health organization has been informed that new government regulations require reports formatted in a manner in which the current operating system does not support. In order to comply with regulations and meet the new reporting formats, new software is needed. This is an example of which of the following purchasing factors for HIT systems?
A multidisciplinary computer system selection and evaluation team would consist of all of the following EXCEPT:
a customer service representative of the prospective vendor
All of the following are benefits of including a functional owner on an evaluation and selection team within a state-owned healthcare facility EXCEPT:
assurance of successful implementation
Healthcare Facility First has determined that it needs a new computer hardware system but it cannot afford to dedicate the man hours needed to implement the best system for their needs. According to the lecture, which option represents the best solution for their problem?
Hire consultants to provide the evaluation and selection groundwork
Through which of the following tools would an organization learn the most about a potential vendor?
Which of the following aids would be most useful when purchasing a complex and extremely costly IT system?
Site visit
According to the lecture, which of the following is the primary purpose of the scripted demonstration scenario?
to evaluate the product in relation to specific functionality
Which of the following cannot be considered as a capital expense?
staff training
The members of the negotiating team should include all EXCEPT: (a/an)
According to the lecture, which of the following decreases the negotiating team's leverage?
alluding to the vendor's ranking in the competition
According to the lecture, which of the following is the critical factor when deciding between dual thread negotiations and single thread negotiations?
Time deadlines
Which of the following best describes the purpose of a boilerplate contract?
Which of the following is the best reason to read every IT contract?
to assure an advantageous system and service for the organization
Which of the following options provides the best solution when dealing with a vendor on negative issues after a deal is made?
According to the lecture, which best describes change management?
The methodology that integrates change and the ability to adapt to change in an organization
The effects of information system change on individuals and organizations include all EXCEPT:
Reliance on successful standard procedures
Which of the following represents the most critical question for implementation teams to ask during the planning stages of change management strategies?
Why is there a need for change?
According to the lecture, which of the following is a catalyst for change when supported by data and a strategic vision?
In which phase of organizational the "CHANGE" model should the communication plan be developed?
H - Harness Support
Carl communicates statistical and technical information in a manner in which both technically adept and technically challenged people find pleasurable. In which two phases of organizational "CHANGE" would Carl's skill set be most needed?
G and E - Grow Capability and Entrench Changes
Which of the following is the primary sign of successful health information change management?
Larry, the implementation manager, collected data and encouraged end-user input during the planning stage of the IT implementation; however the staff is experiencing problems with the implementation just as they had forewarned. According to the lecture which of the following is the most plausible reason for this failure?
Which of the following is characteristic of Step 2 of Fuller's three step process to a successful implementation?
Team members try new approaches
Which of the following is the most critical element of implementation management and serves as the bridge between strategy goals and implementation activities?
Governance & Leadership