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FRA 6 China

4 million square miles ( about the same as the USA)
How big is China?
Gobi desert
What physical feature separates China from its neighbors?
Pacific Ocean
China's eastern boundary
Qinling Shandi
Most important mountain range in China; separates northern and southern China
its floods and irrigate the fields
What did China need to learn to control, like other river nations?
cold and dry
Climate in northeast China is ______________________
dry and hot
Northwestern desert climate is ____________________
heavy rains with monsoons
China's eastern plains have
Yellow River
Huang He
nicknamed China's sorrow
the nickname of the river that floods, spreads nearly 3,00 miles, and leaves behind silt
Chang Jiang
Yangzi's other name
the longest river in Asia
this river cuts through central China and flows from the mountains of Tibet to the Pacific Ocean
along the Huang He and the Chang Kiang River
where civilization begins due to farming and villages
in middle China on the Chang Jiang farmers were known for growing this
millet and wheat
farmers in the north along the Huang He grew
Xia Dynasty
1st dynasty
Yu the Great
1st king of the Xia Dynasty
building canals to control floods
Yu the Great was famous for building these
Shang Dynasty
1st dynasty there is clear evidence of in the 1500s BC
famous for first writing system, use of bronze, military success, and a moon based calendar
Shang Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
attacked and overthrew the Shang Dynasty
lasted longer than any other dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
mandate of heaven
Zhou Dynasty believed the kings possessed this permission that heaven gave power to the king and no one ruled without this permission
King, Lords and Warriors, Peasants
Order of Zhou Society
warring states period
a time of many civil wars
when families began to fight and rival groups formed during the end of the Zhou Dynasty, Chinese society fell into a period of
Disorder in China lead to a teacher drawing people BACK to order named this
Confucianism taught:
fathers should display high moral_______to inypire the familt
Confucianism taught:
children should ______________ and obey their parents
Confucianism taught:
all family members should be__________to each other
Confucianism taught:
moral __________ not laws brings order to China
Confucianism taught:
kings should lead by ______ inspiring good behavior in subjects
The Analects
students of Confucius recorded his teachings in this book
takes its name from Dao, meaning "the way"
Daoism stressing living in ____________with the Dao
the guiding force of all reality
Daoists wanted the government IN or OUT of people's lives?
Daoists thought people should be like this and just GO with the FLOW of nature
most famous Daoist
the belief that people were bad and needed to be controlled
Legalism stressed that the punishment should fit the ___________and would even punish other family members for wrongs done by others in the family
Shi Huangdi
1st Emperor
Ying Zheng
Shi Huangdi's other name
Shi Huangdi was strict, gave harsh punishments, and used his ___________to conquer new territory
Shi Huangdi took land from the lords and divided it into these in order to control his people
Qin achievements::
Qin achievements::
standardize ____________system for better trade
Qin achievements::
better ___________that connected the capitol to the empire
canals and irrigation
Qin achievements::
water improved as ____________ and __________ were improved
The Great Wall of China
Qin achievements::
built this to protect China from invasion
all of Shi Huangdi's control also created ____________ and lead to the fall of his empire
his tomb had __________life sized clay soldiers inside!
Han Dynasty
Dynasty after Qin
Liu Bang
1st Emperor of Han Dynasty; well liked, common person
2nd Emperor of Han Dynasty, brought Confucianism to government
family life
In the Han Dynasty __________life was important because it was part of Confucian beliefs
In the Han dynasty families valued ____________ more than girls
Han Inventions and Advances:
invented this by grinding plant fibers into a paste that they let dry into sheets
Han Inventions and Advances:
used this to tell time
Han Inventions and Advances:
to measure earthquakes
Han Inventions and Advances:
poking needles in your skin
iron workers
Han Inventions and Advances:
master _____________ who made swords and armor and plows for farming
Han Inventions and Advances:
fabric made from worm cocoons
The Silk Road
4,000 mile-long network of routes stretching westward from China across Asia's deserts and mt ranges thru the middle east until it reached the mediterranean sea
spread from India to China along the Silk Road
Buddhism spreading to China through a trade route is an example of ______________, when ideas spread from one culture to another due to contact