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  1. Central Nervous System
  2. Midline
  3. Systolic Blood Pressure
  4. Venule
  5. Appendix
  1. a Located near the junction of the small and large intestine, is made up of lymphatic tissue. Exact function is not well understood. Is often considered with the digestive system because an infected appendix is common cause of abdominal pain. Located in Right lower Quadrant.
  2. b The smalled kind of vein
  3. c An imaginary line drawn down the center of the body dividing it into right and left halves.
  4. d Brain and Spinal Cord. Nerves branch out from spianl cord to all areas of the body. Responds to external changes.
  5. e The pressure created in arteries when the left ventricle contracts and forces blood out into circulation. (Top Number)

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  1. A flat surface formed when slicing through an object
  2. The lateral and smaller bone of the lower leg
  3. Feed or Breed. Heart rate slows down, blood pressure decrease, digestion begins.
  4. The bone in the chest where all the ribs attach. The upside down "U"
  5. Reffering to the front of the body. A synonym of Anterior

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  1. Normal Breathing RatesRegular rythem, normal chest expansion, breathing takes minimal effort


  2. CraniumThe lateral bone of the forearm


  3. Venous circulationsveins rely on muscle movement for blood movement back to the heart.


  4. Freely Movable jointsRegular rythem, normal chest expansion, breathing takes minimal effort


  5. Cardiovascular SystemSystem by which food travels through the body and is digested or broken down to absorbable forms by salavia and chewing. Except for the mouth and the esophagus, all organs of the digestive system are located in the abdominal cavity.