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  1. Anterior
  2. Scapula
  3. Freely Movable joints
  4. Calcaneus
  5. Intercostal Space
  1. a The shoulder blade
  2. b The front of the body, or body part
  3. c The space located between the ribs
  4. d The heel bone
  5. e Shoulder, Hips

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  1. Adrenaline, helps the body respond to stressful situations.
  2. Specialized involuntary muscle found only in the heart.
  3. A movement away from the midline (i.e. raise arms up and out)
  4. The supply of oxygen to and removal of waste from the cells as a result of the flow of blood through the capillaries
  5. The large neck arteries. Can be palpated for pulse check. Never palpate both at the same time because you can interrupt blood supply to the brain.

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  1. iliumThe superior and widest portion of the Pelvis


  2. MuscleWhen the left ventricle contracts sending a wave of blood through the atreries.


  3. RadiusThe lateral bone of the forearm


  4. InferiorAway from the head (e.g. Lips are inferior to the nose) DOWN


  5. DiaphragmThe muscular structure that divides the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. A major muscle of respiration