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  1. Adduction
  2. Hypoperfusion
  3. Voluntary Muscle
  4. Venous circulations
  5. Malleolus
  1. a Is a movement toward the midline (i.e. lower arms down to the side.)
  2. b Also known as shock. Is inadequate perfusion. Not enough circulation, not enough oxygen. Can lead to death
  3. c Protrusion on the side of the ankle. Lateral Malleolus is seen on the outer ankle(Fibula). Medial Malleolus is seen on the inner ankle(Tibia).
  4. d Muscle that can be consciously controlled. (i.e. pick something up)
  5. e veins rely on muscle movement for blood movement back to the heart.

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  1. A line drawn vertically from mid arm pit to the ankle. Divides the body into halves front and back
  2. A structure that opens and closes to permit the flow of a fluid in only one direction
  3. Fight or Flight. Heart rate increases, digestion decreases, blood pressure increase
  4. Muscle that responds automatically to brain signals, but cannot be consciously controlled. (i.e. digest food) They do not respond to stimuli like cold or heat
  5. A sitting position

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  1. PlasmaReffering to the palm of the hand


  2. PlantarReffering to the sole of the foot.


  3. SpleenThe layer of tissue between the body and the external environment. Has serveral functions, including Protection, Water Balance, Temperature Regulation, Excretion and shock absorbtion. Has three layers.


  4. Pulmonary ArteriesThe vessels that carry oxygen poor blood from the right ventricle to the lungs


  5. ProximalThe kneecap