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  1. Palmar
  2. Fibula
  3. Medial
  4. Carotid Arteries
  5. Thorax
  1. a Reffering to the palm of the hand
  2. b The lateral and smaller bone of the lower leg
  3. c The large neck arteries. Can be palpated for pulse check. Never palpate both at the same time because you can interrupt blood supply to the brain.
  4. d Toward the midline of the body.
  5. e The chest

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  1. Closer to the torso or reference point
  2. Reffering to the front of the body. A synonym of Anterior
  3. The medial anterior portion of the Pelvis
  4. The layer of fat and soft tissue found below the dermis. Shock absorbtion and insulation are the major functions. Issues of bloodstream contamination, bleeding and pain when these layers are exposed. 3rd drgree burns.
  5. The bones that are fused together on the sides of the skull

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  1. Sympathetic Nervous SystemFight or Flight. Heart rate increases, digestion decreases, blood pressure increase


  2. Zygomatic archesForm the structures of the cheeks


  3. AcetabulumThe top, back, and side fo the skull


  4. DorsalThe trunk of the body without the head or extremities


  5. Fowlers PositionA sitting position


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