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  1. Coastal Margin
  2. Digestive System
  3. Adequate Profusion
  4. Fibula
  5. Tibia
  1. a Delivery of blood and oxygen ond other nutrients to the tissues along with romval of waste products. To maintain adequate profusion, must have adequate blood volume, adequate pump of the heart and intact vascular system.
  2. b System by which food travels through the body and is digested or broken down to absorbable forms by salavia and chewing. Except for the mouth and the esophagus, all organs of the digestive system are located in the abdominal cavity.
  3. c The medial and larger bone of the lower leg.
  4. d The bone in the chest where all the ribs attach. The upside down "U"
  5. e The lateral and smaller bone of the lower leg

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  1. A structure that opens and closes to permit the flow of a fluid in only one direction
  2. The hand bones
  3. The toe bones and finger bones
  4. A line drawn vertically from mid arm pit to the ankle. Divides the body into halves front and back
  5. The chest

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  1. CapillaryA thin walled, microscopic blood vessel where the oxygen/carbon dioxide and nutrient/waste exchange with the body's cells takes place.


  2. CereballumCoordinates muscle activity.


  3. SupineTissue that can contract to allow movement of a body part. Muscles only pull. One pulls while another relaxes. There are three types of muscle: voluntary (skeltal) Involuntary (smooth, intestine) Cardiac (heart)


  4. PancreasProduces insulin for regulation of sugar in the bloodstream. Also creates juices that assist in the breakdown of protien, carbohydrates and fat. Is a gland located behind the stomach.


  5. Nasal bonesA structure that opens and closes to permit the flow of a fluid in only one direction