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  1. Distal
  2. Capillary
  3. Venae Cave
  4. Venous circulations
  5. Skeleton
  1. a A thin walled, microscopic blood vessel where the oxygen/carbon dioxide and nutrient/waste exchange with the body's cells takes place.
  2. b Farther away from the torso
  3. c The bones of the body.
  4. d The superior (collects blood from head) and the inferior (collects blood from portions of body below the heart) veins that return blood from the body to the right atrium (vena cava is singular)
  5. e veins rely on muscle movement for blood movement back to the heart.

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  1. Adult: 12-20/minute Child: 15-30/minute Infant: 25-50/minute
  2. The system of brain, spinal cord, and nerves that govern sensation, movemnet and thought. Controls voluntary and involuntary activity.
  3. The basin shaped bony structure that supports the spine. It is the point of proximal attachment for the lower extremities.
  4. The pelvic socket into which the ball end of the proximal end of the femur fits to form the hip joint
  5. Tissue that connects bone to bone.

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  1. TendonTissue that connects muscle to bone


  2. CraniumThe superior and widest portion of the Pelvis


  3. Endocrine SystemProduces chemicals called hormones which help to regulate body activity and functions.


  4. Preipheral Nervous SystemDivision of Preipheral nervous system the controls invoulutary motor functions such as digestion and heart rate


  5. SupineLying on the back