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-Great brands have to be great and authentic storytellers
-Stories must be compelling and have motives, and because brands are "nonfiction and building a lifelong relationship with people."
-Every great relationship has to be built on trust, and because Burberry has been around 150 years and so its a big great story!
-Brought in cultural anthropologist to study Burberry - #burberrybook and wanted to be able to pass knowledge onto the next generation about the amazing culture
-Dont try to write a new book, build instead and write new chapters

-Trust underpins communication
-Every type of stakeholders wants to trust that you will deliver the message/feeling/product/etc. that you said you were going to

Burberry wanted one story that everyone could see and also feel. But needed to keep it authentic and pure, but also working to target new audience and new mediums (FB, Insta, etc). But at the end the story had to be the same as the original story.

Everything they would do was target millennial consumer so they had to start speaking in their language.
-So they studied this customer and realized that they had to become digital. So they adjusted their strategies in order to be RELEVANT and AUTHENTIC to this new audience.

You can no longer do things the traditional way, it has to be so visual and the energy has to be everything!!

Burberry World- everyone on the website team etc keeps looking at how they can push forward and be innovative and new and disruptive.

Millennial consumer = heavily influenced by music. Great connector. Burberry acoustic.

Blurring the lines between physical and digital - but as a physical product how could they make Burberry World come to life?
-The store of the future (Regents st)= wanted to feel as if you were walking into the website when you walked into the front door

Launched fragrance- by putting emotion and music first over the product. Everything was launched digitally first.

Everyone is a storyteller- the world will never stop telling stories.
Disney Moms:
-Mickey's Mom Club, a "gated community" capped at 10,000 members
-One of the most frequently-visited Disney sites.
-Moms are free and are considered more trustworthy, therefore getting them excited to be a Disney Mom is so beneficial

-Threadless celebrates artists. Gives artists the opportunity to make great art. They started printing on tees and then realized tons of products make great canvases.
-Founded in 2000
-Customers design, vote, buy, share
-Today 2.5+ million members (3 million customers)
-Designers submit average of 2,000 designs/week
-2.2 million Twitter followers, 100,000 FB fans
-$30 million in annual revenue
- Example of artist: David Olenick's art is inspired by anxiety, embarrassment, character flaws, and profanity. Threadless is the reason he don't have to go back to a day job... he designs tee shirts for himself
Founded in 1649 and needed a way to community build
-It started with listening to online conversations to develop a segmentation strategy.
-It continued with community building around shared enthusiasm and conversation, found that scrapbookers got really excited over their quality scissors
-Created Fiskateers
-Turned customers into marketers.
-Transformed the company culture, its about the customers passions not the company.

Patagonia ambassadors:
We started it because we wanted their expertise in helping us in our designs, not to promote the brand or anything, but to help us in the designs.

So we picked our ambassadors according to how much feedback they could give us, not how famous they were.