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Indus River
Flows amost 2000 miles and many civilizations have lived along this river throughout the centuries
Ganges River
India's most important river. Begins in the Himalayan Mountains and flows SE before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.
topsoil, silt and minerals from the mountains
monsoon season
a seasonal prevailing wind, lasting several months, bringing heavy rains
Indian Ocean
3rd largest ocean in the world
Himalayan Mountains
"the roof of the world". The highest Mountain in the world is found here, Mt. Everest.
Talklimakan Desert
over 600 miles in length and is one of the longest deserts in the world
Gobi Desert
One of the hottest and also one of the coldest places in the world. This desert also is covered with sand and rocks primarily.
Huang He or Yellow River
"Chinas Sorrow" the river is called this because of dangerous flooding, although it does provied alot of silt even though some is yellow.
Yellow Sea
turns yellow because of yellow dust blowing into the Huang He river and emptying into this sea
Yangtze River or Chang Jiang
Shanghai, one of China's most important ports is located at the mouth of this river
Mekong River
Flows from China south through several countries emptying into the South China Sea. The river delta HAS SOME OF THE RICHEST FARMING LAND IN THE WORLD.
Korean Peninsula
Divided into the countries of North and South Korea after a civil war. Made up mostly of mountains.
a body of land that is surrounded by water
Sea of Japan
a small sea bound by Russia to the norgh, the Korean Peninsula to the west and Japan to the east.