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Psych History Quiz

• At the time of Freud's death the dominant form of American psychology was ______.
• A topic addressed by psychoanalysis and essentially ignored by the other schools of psychology was _____.
The unconscious
• Psychoanalysis was eradicated in Germany by ______.
The Nazi party
• ______ is the process of forcefully ejecting or excluding from consciousness any unacceptable ideas, memories, and desires.
• In Freud's system, personality development is built on the ______
Psychosexual stages
• Which of the following is not one of the archetypes common to all humans?
• For Jung, sexuality was ______.
One of several needs that require satisfaction
• According to Jung, in our ______, we reain experiences of our ancestors, animal and human.
Collective unconscious
• The spiritual father of humanistic psychology is considered to be ______.
• For Maslow, the major motivating force is ______.
• Maslow ______ with criticism that his research _______.
Agreed; lacked scientific vigor
• Rogers called the unconditional love a mother had for her infant ______.
Positive regard
• The humanistic theme that psychologists should study the best as well as the worst of human characteristics was reinstated by ______.
Positive psychology
• The major difference between positive psychology and both humanistic and psychoanalysis is that positive tends to use _____ while the other two use _______.
Rigorous experimental methods; subjective case histories
• The principle purpose of the Turing Test is to determine if ______.
An interrogator can tell the difference between a human and a computer
• A book entitled Sociobiology: A New Synthesis written by ______ was a contemporary force for evolutionary psychology.
• Evolutionary psychology ______.
All of the above