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1st week test


Pathologist have specific codes for clinical pathology consultation


The postmortum (Anatomic pathology) codes 88000-88099 represents physians service only


What type of drug test measures the drug in specimen?


What type of drug test measures the amount of a specific drug?


in CPT, a single code grouping laboratory tests that are frequently done together


Labatories have buit in ______ that allow for additional testing without written consent from the doctor


During Surgery


The Pathology & Laboratory section of the CPT manual is formatted according to the type of _____ performed

Organ disease oriented or panel

Codes that are group according to the usualm laboratory work ordered by a physician for diagnosis or screening of various diseases or condition are _______


Can you use a reduced services modifier with pathology or laboratory codes?


Will the medical record contain the method used to perform the test done?


According to the Micrbiology Guidelines what modifier is used for reporting multiple specimens/sites


What is the modifier for a repeat clinical laboratory test.


Technical component

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