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1. What is the relationship of push-pull factors to causes of migration?
a. They are how language is traced.
b. They only occur in desperate situations.
c. They act as reasons for migration.
d. They are reasons governments use to drive out populations.
What was the most likely cause of the beginnings of the Bantu migrations?
a. the development of agriculture
b. an ethnic conflict
c. a sudden change in climate
d. the development of trade
the development of agriculture
What was the effect of the migration of the Bantu-speaking peoples?
a. a clan that continues to move throughout Africa
b. a diversity of cultures and a widespread family of languages in Africa
c. civil wars and the isolation of many peoples
d. all of the above
a diversity of cultures and a widespread family of languages in Africa
6. In Africa, as elsewhere, what led to specialization and permanent villages?
a. the development of agriculture
b. the invention of the wheel
c. the ability to make iron tools
d. the belief in one god
a. the development of agriculture
9. How does the pattern of where languages are spoken help experts trace the
movement of people through history?
a. Languages never change, so you know migration by the local language.
b. If two languages have similar words, it is likely the people who spoke
them were in close contact.
c. Languages can tell experts what type of jobs its people had and whether
those jobs would force people to move.
d. If a language has words for technology, it means that group migrated.
b. If two languages have similar words, it is likely the people who spoke
them were in close contact.
What cause of migration was the Bantu-speaking peoples. migration most likely an
example of?
a. environmental change
b. repression
c. unemployment
d. political persecution
a. environmental change
What effect is associated with both environmental change and economic pressure?
a. shifts in population
b. climate changes
c. slave wars
d. spread of ideas
a. shifts in population
How might economic pressure cause people to migrate?

a. If there is an earthquake, people.s homes may have been destroyed, so they will move.

b. If people are being repressed, they will move to a place where they can be free.

c. If there is a war, people will move to avoid the fighting.

d. If there aren.t any jobs available, people will relocate to find jobs.
d. If there aren.t any jobs available, people will relocate to find jobs.
21. What reason is believed to have prompted the bantu migrations?
They needed more land for a growing population.
22. What is the main belief of followers of animism?
Spirits play an important role in regulating everyday life.
23. Whyis the city of djenne-djeno famous?
it is the oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara.
24. What is one way historians can trace the patterns of migration?
through the spread of languages.
25. What conflict contributed to the fall of Aksum?
the Christian Aksumites and the Islamic invaders.
26. From what region did the Bantu-speaking peoples migrate south?
near the southern border of the Sahara desert.
27. What was unusual about the west African iron age?
West Africa didn't go through a copper or bronze age.
28. What was the major reason why the city of Adulis attracted foreigners?
it was a center of trade.
29. What is a griot in west African society?
a Historian.
30. What is one result of the migrations of the Bantu-speaking peoples?
im not positive, but every part of Africa has been influenced by them.
31. What city was the center of trade in aksum?
32. What did king Ezana of Aksum make the official religion of aksum during his reign?
33. What are push-pull factors?
reasons for migrations.
A technology developed by the Nok.
Although only a small part of this consists of sand dunes, it is the largest desert in Africa.
the largest number of people in Africa live on this, perhaps bc it supports agriculture.
The name for this southern borderland, meaning "coastline" in Arabic, probably comes from the fact that the desert it borders seems like a vast ocean of sand.
The Sahel is a "coastline" of what geographic feature?
This grassy plain covers about 2/5ths of Africa.
this inhospitable region of northern Africa covers an area roughly equal to the area of the USA.
This is the belief in, or worship of, spirits, including those of plants, animals, etc.
This is the name of West Africa's earliest known culture. This people lived in what is now Nigeria.
This is West Africa's oldest known city.
This person is responsible fo keeping and passing down the history of the people
What are Africa's savannas?
grassy plains
What are push-pull factors?
reasons for migration
What are some of the ways in which early West African peoples were alike?
essay question/ study this
What are the main directions of the migrations of Bantu-speaking peoples?
south or southeast
What does the word Bantu mean?
the people
What was the way of life of Africa's earliest people?
What was West Africa's earliest known culture?
Where are Africa's rain forests located?
in the west-central region
West Africa's earliest known culture
Story tellers, kept Africa's history alive through oral retellings
Extensive grassy plains that support agriculture in Africa
The largest desert in Africa [and the world]
Ancient city located on a tribituary of the Niger River in West Africa
A religion in which spirits are involved in regulating daily life