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infant mortality rate

For every 1,000 babies born in Mozambique this year, nearly 150 of them will die before they reach their first birthday. The rate of 150 deaths per 1,000 births is known as the

stage 2

Rapidly declining crude death rates are found in which stage of the demographic transition?

dependency rate

The percentage of people who are too young or too old to work in a society is the

crude birth rate

The shape of a country's population pyramid is determined primarily by?

elderly people

The population pyramid of Naples, Florida, is "upside down," because the city has a large percentage of


Thomas Malthus concluded that the world's rate of population increase was higher than the development of

food production

In comparing Malthus's theory to actual world food production and population growth during the past half- century, the principal difference is that ___________________________ has been much higher than Malthus predicted.

low social standing, poor education

The low rate of contraceptive use in Africa reflects what about the region's status of women?

doubling time

China's one child policy has resulted in a substantial decline in many measurements such as crude birth rate, etc, but not in

force sterilization

India's most controversial family planning program has been to


A permanent move to a new location is

is less than

A country has net immigration if emigration ________ immigration


Refugees migrate primarily because of which type of push factor?


Opening of a new factory would be considered a migration __________________ factor

a pull factor changing to a push factor

Millions of West Africans who migrated to Nigeria during the 1970s, when the country's economy expanded, were expelled during the 1980s, when the country's economy declined. This is an example of

intervening obstacle

What is a physical feature, such as a body of water, which hinders migration?


What factors usually induce voluntary migration?


People are forced to migrate primarily because of which factor?


The largest numbers of recent immigrants to the United States are?

brain drain

What is the large-scale emigration of talented people?


Most Asians are currently migrating to the United States through the process of _______________________ migration


The largest number of legal immigrants to the United States come from what country?


The largest number of undocumented immigrants to the United States come from what country?


Compared to other Mexicans, approximately half of the illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States are more likely to be _______________________ educated

Sunbelt and Far West

The U.S. center of population has moved steadily to the

urban, suburban

Current intraregional migration trend in the United States is from ______________ to ______________

south, north

The largest interregional migration in the United States of African-Americans has been from __________________ to ___________________


Communist control of Eastern Europe caused many people to emigrate to the west. The Berlin Wall was built because communist Eastern governments feared losing

changing the capital to Brasilia

The Brazilian government encouraged interregional migration by?

net immigration

In the United States, what is likely to cause virtually all population growth in the next couple of decades?

rural to urban

What is the most prominent type of intraregional migration in the world?

rural migration

What is increased migration to rural areas and small towns?


The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people is a


A repetitive act performed by an individual is a

folk, popular

In contrast to ______________culture, ________________ culture is typical of large heterogeneous groups


Which type of culture typically results in a more uniform cultural landscape?


Folk cultures are spread primarily by ________________________ diffusion


The use of a horse and buggy by the Amish in the United States is an example of _______________ culture

popular, folk

_____________________ customs are more likely than _________________ customs to rapidly diffuse through modern communication systems

folk is local, popular is global, the hearth can be traced in popular culture but not in folk, folk uses relocation diffusion, popular uses hierarchial

List 4 differences between folk culture and popular culture


The main effect of modern communications on social customs has been to __________________ the similarity of social customs in different locations

folk cultures/customs

What usually originate from familiar events in daily life.


List a major hearth of U.S. country music

a story about daily activities

Folk songs are distinguished from popular songs because they tell about


Popular customs most frequently originate in _______________ developed countries

relocation diffusion

The spatial distribution of soccer during the twentieth century is an example of


A restriction on behavior imposed by social custom is a

Judaism, Islam

A taboo against pork is a characteristic of which religions?

New England has saltbox houses, Middle Atlantic has functional houses, the South has small houses on raised platforms

List 3 factors in distinguishing different folk housing types in the United States

were not good/scarce

Pioneer farmers settling the grasslands of the American West often built houses of sod, while early settlers of the eastern forest built wooden structures like log cabins. This suggests that building materials


The most important house style in the United States since the 1960s is known as


The diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of ____________________ culture

seasonal availability

Americans' preferences for vegetables vary according to

not commodified

Why is alcohol consumption relatively low in Utah?


What typical characteristics of popular culture does the distribution of alcohol consumption in the United States display?


One significant impact of popular culture is to modify the _______________________ environment

number per capita, government control of media, and how long they've had TV

List 2 aspects geographers are concerned about with the distribution of television service?


The number of television sets per person is greatest in?


The choice of clothing in Western countries is strongly influenced by occupation, level of _________________________, and knowledge of fashion elsewhere

uniform landscape

Features of the U.S. landscape, such as gas stations, supermarkets, and motels, promote a


Many less developed countries fear the loss of __________________ culture because Western perspectives may become more dominant

meant to keep unique customs

Why do many people maintain their folk culture despite familiarity with popular culture?


As they have more contact with _______________________ culture, women in less developed countries are more likely to gain more opportunities outside the home

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