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Second Continental Congress
Group of people met on May 10, 1995 to decide the future of the colonies.
Olive Branch Petition
Petition was sent to King George declaring loyalty to Britain & asking him to repeal the Intolerable Acts.
What did King George send to the colonies in response to their Petition?
Troops to crush the revolt.
He led the Green Mountain Boys in a surprise attack on Fort Ticonderoga.
The American colonies' army formed by Congress and led by George Washington.
Continental Army.
American supporters of Independence.
Colonists who were supporters of Britain
Two advantages of the British at the beginning of the American Revolution.
Powerful navy & well trained.
Two advantages of the colonists at the beginning of the American Revolution.
Strong leader. & Many experienced rifle users.
two disadvantages of the British at the beginning of the American Revolution.
Army 3,000 miles from home. * Supplies took months to arrive.
Two disadvantages of the colonists at the beginning of the American Revolution.
Few cannons+little gun powder. & no navy
THe first major battle of the Revolution.
Battle of Bunker Hill.
Group of people who helped George Washington to regain Boston during the Revolution.
Green Mountain Boys.
Term for shutting out all colonial ports.
Troops for hire from Germany.
Author of the pamphlet the Common Sense
Thomas Paine.
A person who betrays his or her country.
This person introduced a resolution in favor of independence from Britain.
Richard Henry Lee.
This person was asked to write the Declaration of Independence.
Thomas Jefferson.
The introduction to the Declaration of Independence.
Three main parts of the Declaration of Independence.
Preamble. Natural rights, British wrongs.
Who won the Battle at Long Island which was between the British and the Americans?
He went behind British lines to get information for Washington.
Nathan Hale.
Who won the Battles at Princeton and Trenton?
He was the British General who planned to march into Albany, New York in three different directions.
John Burgoyne.
Who won the Battle at Saratoga, New York?
This battle was the turning point in the American Revolution.
Battle of Saratoga.
Place where Washington and his troops camped out for the winter of 1777-78.
Valley Forge.
Polish officer who trained troops on horseback.
Casimir Pulaski.
He helped to train Washington's troops at Valley Forge.
Fredrich Von Stebeum.
An ally of America in the West.
A British victory near New York.
Long Island.
Nations that work together for a common goal.
Troops on horseback.
Two American generals who helped turn the tide in the Southern battles of the American Revolution.
Nathan Green & Daniel Morgan.
American traitor who helped the British in the American Revolution.
Benidict Arnold.
The last major battle in the American Revolution.where Cornwallis surrendered & brought and end to the American Revolution.
Treaty resolved the conflicts between the American and Britain.
Treaty of Paris.
Hit and run tactics
Occurs when an army surrounds and blockades an enemy in an attempt to capture it.
American victory in South Carolina.