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Chapter 21.1 Spain's Empire and European Absolutism

Spanish Empire
Spain, American Colonies, Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands
What lands did the Spanish King Charles V inherit when he took the Spanish throne?
Peace of Augsburg, Charles V, Religion
This treaty signed by ______________ declared that German princes can choose their _____________.
Spain, Spanish Netherlands, and Spain's American Colonies
What lands did Philip II inherit when Charles V died?
Portugal, Africa, India and East Indies
What lands did Philip II gain when he seized the Portuguese kingdom that had been left without a ruler
Spanish Armada
Philip II began the downfall of Spain with the defeat of the ____________________ at England.
Don Quixote de la Mancha, modern European novel
This novel was written by Miguel de Cervantes and is considered to be the birth of the ______________________.
El Greco
This Spanish Artist painted Catholic figures with brilliant colors and elongated or distorted shapes.
Diego Velasquez
This Spanish artist painted portraits of the royal family.
Demand and Price
The increase of Spain's population lead to the increase of what two things?
Why did the value of gold and silver drop in Spain?
Middle Class, business men, poor
Spain lacked a ________ because it expelled _____________, and taxed the ____________.
Since Spain purchased goods from other countries, it never developed its own ___________
William of Orange
When the Spanish king Philip II raised taxes to expel Protestants from Netherlands, the Protestants revoluted under ____________________, the same person as the husband of Mary.
United Province of Netherlands
After the conclusion of the Dutch revolt, 7 northern communities united and declared freedom as the newfound ____________________.
Toleration, republic, economy, world fleet
The United Provinces of the Netherlands observed religious _______________, were governed as a ________________, had a successive ________________ because of their stability, and had the largest _____________________.
Bankers, money, Atlantic
The Dutch replaced the Italians as ___________ because they had more _______________ and __________ trade routes had become more important than Mediterranean trade routes.
Jan Vermeer and Rembrand van Rijn
Who were the two most famous Dutch artists?