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The definitions of rhetorical devices used in most poetry.


using a word or phrase at the end of a line or clause as the first words in the next clause or line for emphasis


The repetition of a word at the beginning of a sentence, line, etc.


The repetition of a word at the end of a sentence, line, etc.


A question as to how to begin or how to end, or what comes next


A direct address to a person or thing; usually begins with "O/oh"


The omission of coordinating conjunctions between each item in a sentence.


The use of a conjunction before every item that is listed in a series


The repetition of a word or clause that is separated but in the same sentence, line, etc.


A modifier that draws attention to a specific characteristic or detail


The creation of emphasis by repeating a word several times in a row


An exaggeration for emphasis; the opposite of Meiosis


An understatement used to enhance a description; the opposite of a Hyperbole


A comparison between two things where one is identified with the other


Giving animals or inanimate objects the characteristics of humans

Extended Metaphors

The process of taking a metaphor and developing into many different areas to provide a rich description of the subject


Substituting a concept for another that is closely related


A surprise ending to a story


A series of independent clauses relating to a series of actions or propositions


Repitition of words derived from the same root


A play on words in which the words can be understood in two different ways; a pun.

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