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  1. Paragraphs over the three main points.
  2. The dog was so ugly, he didn't need to wear a mask for Halloween.
  3. Consists of hook, thesis, and three main points.
  4. The trees were dancing as the wind blew through the branches.
  5. The river was a sparkling diamond in the sunshine.
  6. The boy whooshed down the hill when he was skiing.

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  1. ThesisThe sentence that tells what your entire essay is about.


  2. AlliterationRepetition of initial consonant sounds (Peter Piper Picked a Peck...)


  3. ConclusionEverything is O.K.


  4. VoiceSounds like me


  5. Three main pointsEverything is O.K.


  6. SimileThe Earth is like a blue marble.