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Study of Theater Semester 1

Three human forms of expression (3)
imitation, role playing, storytelling
The Range of Theater's Goals
entertainment, efficacy
First Actor
Aristotle's Six Elements of Drama
plot, theme, music, language, character, spectacle
Greek Play Theateical Structures
prologos, parados, episode Chroal Ode, Exodos
purging/ purifying of emotion
Required for any improvisation scene (4)
character, relationship, objective, where
Theater anatomy
perspective, proscenium, drop, flats, legs, wings, fly space, pin rail, pit, thrust, apron, house
neo-classical ideas
Unity of time, place and action
actors voice (4)
pitch, rate, volume, action
actors body (5)
physical lead, center of gravity, facial expression, gestures, walk
artists tools (4)
body, voice, mind, heart
servant, comedy servant, light hearted, altruistic, gets out of trouble fast
selfish, servant, when he sees a woman he wants to posses them
comic servant, stands center stage watching men do stupid things, smartest person in play
3 comedy servants are called the ____
comedy sketches
dirty old man, has impure thoughts about women, very rich, selfish, protects his money pouch
Il Dottore
thinks hes very smart, uses malaprops, lots of books and knowledge around him but is always wrong
wants people to think hes brave, strong, actually very cowardly
the lovers
3 same jokes in a row
drunk humor
The best-known writer of dramatic theory and criticism in the Roman era. He stressed rules, such as violence happening off stage.
The best-known comic playwright of the Greek Golden Age, He wrote The Birds, Lysistrata, and The Frogs
Tragic playwright in Greece, credited with adding a thrid actor to Greek tradgedy, wrote 120 plays, seven of which survive, including Antigone, King Oedipus, and Electra
The father of theater criticism, he wrote The Poetics, which covers the six elements of Drama
The father of Greek drama. He was the first dramatist whose plays still exist. He added a second actor to dramatic performances. He wrote Prometheus Bound and the Oresteia
The most "modern" of the Greek tragic playwrights, he created characters with realistic behavior, and a mix of comedy and drama. He also wrote sympathetic women characters, including Medea, The Trojan Women, and Helen
The First actor, he stepped out in front of the chorus and spoke alone, in character, in a religious ceremony
The chief Roman tragic writer whose plays have survived. He was ordered to take his own life. He wrote Roman Versions of Medea, Oedipus, and the Trojan Women
____ to heavy nor ____ to light
Seneca, Plautus
A comical play involving a chrous of half-man, half-goat creatures
Satyr Play
Plots deal with romantic and domestic problems
Roman Comedy
Fantastical and improbable plots used in satire of local, political or cultural conditions of the time.
Greek Comedy
Board of Directors
hires the right and left-brained leaders
Artistic director
right-brained head of the company
left-brained head of the company
managing director
who remains with the show and runs it from the booth?
stage manager
who raises money that is not ticket income?
developent director
who is responsible for getting people to the show?
marketing director
what percentage of each production is paid for from ticket sales?
brings in actors for director to see
casting director
5 areas of tech
sets, lights, props, costume, sound
3 periods of time
design, build, run
trade groups that sponsored theater production
in the scene shop guilding set, makes sure everyone has what they need to build set
tech director
starts hireing design teams for the next season
production manager