Digestion and Excretion


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Digestive System
an organ system that breaks down food to release nutrients
Digestion begins here. Teeth grind food and the tongue mixes food with saliva.
watery liquid in mouth that chemically breaks down food
a muscular tube that pushes food toward the stomach
a muscular organ that mixes and stores food and passes it to the small intestine, acids and enzymes break down food
Small Intestine
in humans, a long organ where most of digestion takes place
loop like structures in the wall of the small intestine in which nutrients are passed into blood
Large Intestine
the organ where water and minerals from food are reabsorbed back into the blood. Bacteria in the colon help digest remaining food products.
Path of Digestion
Food goes from mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and solid waste leaves the body from the anus.
produces bile to break down fat in small intestine
produces enzymes to break down proteins and fats in small intestine
Excretory System
a system of organs that removes wastes and maintains water balance in the human body
a pair of bean-shaped organs that clean and filter the blood to remove urea (waste)
the yellowish liquid containing wastes and water from the filtering units of the kidneys
narrow tubes going from the kidney to the bladder
Systems and organs that remove waste from body
Skin and sweat glands (sweat), Lungs (carbon dioxide), Digestive system (solid waste), Urinary system (urine)
a muscular bag that holds urine