CGS2060 Ch. 6

access time
the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data
Cache memory
Small blocks of memory, located directly on and next to the CPU, that act as holding places for recently or frequently used instructions or data that the CPU accesses the most.
A complete processing section from a CPU, embedded into one physical chip
CPU usage graph
the percentage of time a central processing unit (CPU) is working
Data transfer rate
the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network
External SATA-
The most common form of memory found in personal computers. Increases about 60% every year
Express Cards-
Allow your computer to add extra capabilities such as; a card that allows you to read flash memory
Front side bus-
connects the processor (CPU) in your computer to the system memory
GDDR5 (Graphic Double Data Rate)
Graphic Double Data Rate memory refers to memory specifically designed for use on graphics cards
GPU Graphics processing unit
A specialized logic chip that is detected quickly displaying and calculating visual data such as shadows, textures, and luminosity
hard drive
has the largest storage capacity of any storage device
HDMI (High definition multimedia interface
a compact audio- video interface standard that carries both high- definition video and uncompressed digital audio
memory modules
a small circuit board that holds a series of ram chips
moore's law
a prediction named after Gordon Moore, the cofounder of Intel; states that the numbers of transistors on a CPU chip will double every two years
a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a logical unit
RAM (random access memory)
the computers temporary storage space or short term memory. it is located in a set of chips in the system unit's motherboard, and its capacity is measured in megabytes or gigabytes
3d sound card
an expansion card that enables a computer to produce sounds that are omnidirectional
SSD (solid state drive)
a drive that uses the same kind of memory that flash drives use, but can reach data in only a tenth of the time a flash drive requires. Fastest nonvolatile storage system.
surround sound
a type of audio processing that makes the listener experience sounds as if it were coming from all areas
open office impress is a
presentation program
a free alternative to adobe photoshop that can be used to edit images is
what kind of software can be installed on as many computers as you wish
open source software
which is a popular open source program for creating diagrams and charts
what new feature of Mac Os Lion acts as a command center for the desktop
mission control
by default, files saved in Write use which extension
which statement about linux is false
because so many developers contribute to the OS, Linux is a prime target for hackers
which is not necessarily an advantage of building your own computer
having outside support if something goes wrong
one popular Linux distro is
when building your own computer, which of these should not be included with the motherboard
drive bay
which statement about notebook computers is false
notebooks typically have longer lifespan than desktop computers
SSD is classified as what type of storage
to document a problem you are having, you can use
problem steps recorder
f you want your system to run reliably, you should
defragment the hard drive
which best describes RAID 0 technology
saved data is spread across two hard drives
CPUs have several internal components including
l2 cache, ALU, level 1 cache memory... all of the above
which is not a type of video port
USB 3.0
a sound card that supports 7.1 surround sound will drive
8 speakers
superFetch is a memory-management technique that
preloads the applications you use most into system memory
what is the name of the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data and make it available for processing
access time
T or F. a quad core CPU with hyperthreading has 8 virtual CPUS
T or F the memory that your operating system uses is reffered to as kernal memory
T or F SSD hard drives need to be defragged but mechanical hard drives do not
T or F Cache memory is a form of read- only memory that can be accessed more quickly by the CPU.
T or F GDDR5 memory is often used in ESATA drives