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Kevin Roberts, Ceo of Saatchi & Saatchi Company coined this term to name the combination of sound, sight, and motion that makes advertising so engaging and sucessful


According to Chapter 8, While it appears that Starbucks makes money off selling cups of coffee, at its core, the Starbucks product is really the ____________ pay off that results from a manufactured experience.

New Technologies

The success of narrowcasting has, in large part, been made possible through___________. The advent of these has created opportunities for advertisers to reach new audiences in new ways.

Product Placements

This is the name of the highly effective way of creating audience affinity with a product or message without direct commercial advertising. It compromises the mixing of identifiable products and brands into entertainment programming.


This type of communication that concentrates on persuading clients to support a very specific issue such as a cause or a social movement.

Public Service Announcement

The truth antismoking campaign, for instance, is developed especially for young audience and emphasizes the health risks of Tobacco use. It is contemporary example of what form of promotion?

Ivy Ledbetter Lee

This former newspaper reporter took on the job of cleaning up the public image of large American company sin the early 1900s and simultaneously established public relations as a separate profession. Many consider him to be the father of modern PR.


This foundational marketing and advertising means of the digital age. It creates more carefully directed messages that are targeted to smaller, more clearly defined audience segments.


This is the activity which focuses on communicating the interests, concerns, and issues pertinent to particular individuals and organizations to local, state, and national legislatures.


This company ran a startling 30-second ad, which ended with the slogan, "Why 1984 won't be like 1984". Today this company is the worlds leading manufacturing of converged media platforms.

Mass Production

Supported by adversiting , this new activity greatly modernized American manufactrured moreover, it helped to create a lasting marriage between advertising and media in the U.S.


To better idenitify their markets and to test the impact they have on their targeted audiences, advertises often run sophisticated studies that examine basic human characteristics. such as individuals' age, gender, race and income. Studies of this nature are knowns as..

Advertising Revenue

In the United States, as they do in much of the world, __________ makes possible the variety of mass media content that we all enjoy.

Daisy Girl

Lyndon B. Johnson's Campaign created this highly controversial and highly effective political ad.


While the primary motivation in advertising is to sell a product, advertising also plays a key role in our_________ about new products, social issues, and trends.

Product Affinity

Regardless of how advertisements are presented in the media, most try to accomplish the same thing: to persuade us to accept a product's message or band and to create a strong emotional relation with this product. This is known as


The Industrial Revolution gave birth to ______, a system that creates and encourages the purchase of goods and service in increasing amounts.


In the early years of the 18th century, ________ were the dominant mass media in the United States. During this time, colonial publishers supported their enterprises through revenue from advertising paid announcements posted by local merchants.


To better idenitify their markets and to test the impact they have on their targeted audiences, advertisers often run sophisticated studies that look at individuals lifestyles, values, attitude and personalities. Studies of this nature are know as.

Nuestro Barrio

Freddie Mac- more formally known as the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation-created its own TV show to attract potential Hispanic homebuyers. The shows producers patterned their programming in a way similar to what storytelling device popular in Hispanic Media?


This type of communication attempts to persuade individuals to take some form of action (buy, believe, consume) toward, idea or service. According to Chapter 8, it is what makes the wealth of content seen in today's media possible.

Literate Media Consumers

Audience members do not simply parrot or accept the claims made in advertisements Which of the following groups would scrutinize advertising claims prior to purchasing a product?


As much as advertisers rely on consumers desires or their sense of social responsibility to facilitate cultural change or sell a product, they also rely on key universal appeals. This one these


program that runs a click fraud operation.

Long-tail advertising

Google has developed the world's largest internet ad placement serves also known as ________. With these services, advertisers pay for ad placements that match keyword searches that appear next to search results.

Audience Members

is one of the answers!

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